Program Info > What's New In 2010

This section includes all major organizational, programmatic, and policy changes for the league in the upcoming baseball year.

(1) Incorporation

Incorporated as Non-Profit with application for 501(c)3 status.

(2) New Organizational Structure

  1. Ed Frye, President
  2. Matt George, Vice-President
  3. Paul Butch, Treasurer
  1. Matt George, Vice-President
  2. Bill Kelts, WFD
  3. Matt Terry, TT
  4. Rick Miller, BSPA
  5. John Barna, Brunswick
  6. Opening (contact Ed Frye if interested)
  7. Opening (contact Ed Frye if interested)

(3)Administrative Assistant Hired

Paula Casey has been hired to serve as Assistant Director of League Admin. Paula will be available to handle routine questions from the membership, about the league program or the the website. She will also assist in the collection of scheduling inputs (team availability) and assist Ed Frye in various other administrative tasks.

(4)League Divisions and Standings

(5) Sanctioned Tournaments

(6) Open/League Tournaments

(7) Sanctioning Fees

(8) Base Fee ($525) before Discounts

NOTE: To see ENYTB Fees For 2010 click here. Or, better yet, if you have a personal log-in, go to your team's customized registration page to see all program choices/fees (mandatory and optional) customized to your team.

(9) ENYPONY House League Program

  1. Tournament Of Champions - optional - $300/berth (direct buy-in); and,
  2. ENYPONY All-Stars - optional - $300/berth (direct buy-in).
  3. Tournament berths can be purchased online through May 24th (ToC) and May 31st (All-Stars) via online tournament registration.