League Structure

The league is structured as follows: For each team, we collect we collect the following information:
ENYTB regular season play is competitively balanced. To achieve this, teams are classified according to level of play. The league offers three levels of play in most age divisions: Gold; Hi Silver; and Lo Silver. During activation, the team and the league determine a proper rating.

During the registration phase, teams select what sanctioning they want and what sanctioned tournaments they want to be eligible to qualify for. Eligible teams compete for berths to sanctioned tournaments through regular season play and qualify based on their finish in the standings. Teams also can register for league sponsored tournaments when they submit their league registration or they can do so at a later time via online tournament registration. These tournaments are "for-pay" or direct buy-in events i.e., your entry fee guarantees entry.

Each league team is scheduled for the regular season according to when its team is available to play and when its home field is available to be scheduled with this league's games. League admins work with club and team personnel to complete the online scheduling forms.

Lastly, team = roster, no roster = no team. It is essential that each team maintain its league roster online and keep it current. In addition to the league roster, there is another regular season roster for each sanctioning body that your team is registered with. It is essential to keep each of these current as well. The RML website inclines an online roster management system that automates many of these functions. However, it is each team's responsibility to check these rosters and be sure they are correct.