2010 ENYTB Non-Member Fees

Participation in the regular season is limited to ENYTB members. There is no minimum number of games required to be a member. There is a 12 game minimum required to be eligible for sanctioned tournament play in the post-season. To become a member, contact Ed Frye @(51) 356-9089 or email him at fryes@nycap.rr.com.

ENYTB encourages every club/team to become a league member but it also hosts certain tournaments that are open to the public in the latter half of July, dubbed, the Extra-Innings/Last Man Standing Tournaments. Teams can register for these tournaments online at: Inside The League > TOURNAMENTS > Hosted Tournaments > OPEN > SIGN-UP.

Also, to have RunMyLeague.com put your tournament online click HERE.

Non-members can participate in ENYTB's fall program as well. Non-members pay the same fees as members for this service, which includes customized scheduling, full use of the website, the availability of a full-time league administrator and a guarantee by the league that if a visiting team ever fails to show for a game and you are out field rental costs or umpire fees, the league will make you whole for any unavoidable costs incurred.

Fall program fee = $100 plus $200 deposit against forfeits, late forfeits and no-shows. To read more click HERE.