Scheduling Pick-Up Games

When providing the league with its scheduling inputs, each team provides a range of the total number of regular season games it would like to play as well as a maximum number of games it is willing to play in a week. ENYTB then schedules up to the maximum total number of games requested subject to the weekly maximum. ENYTB is usually able to provide teams whatever number of games they request, provided the team has supplied the league with sufficient team and field availability.

Nonetheless, after the schedule is released, teams may find that they would like to schedule a few additional games with other league teams. Perhaps cancellations and reschedules have opened up gaps in their schedule or perhaps they have just changed their mind and want to play more games. Regardless of the reason, the perfect assistant for the job is Tools > Pick-Up Games. Pick-Up Games is a powerful tool for assisting members in the process of finding an opponent that is both suitable and available to play on a given date. Availability info is the same scheduling inputs that team provided ENYTB for league scheduling purposes.

IMPORTANT: When a team add games to its online schedule, they are counted in the standings for BOTH teams. Thus, if either team wants to play only an exhibition game, be sure it is understood and do NOT add the game to your online schedule.

Pick-up Games

This tool includes a pair of easy-to-use search tools to help teams find competitively matched opponents that are available to play on selected dates/times, including any of the same dates/times as the team conducting the search. All contact info and field directions are available for all matches. To make use of these tools, non-member teams must provide dates and times when their own team and home field is available.

The Pick-up Games tool will search the availability of all opponents that match any specified criteria e.g., age and skill level, to identify all possible matches with the team conducting the search. The search eliminates all dates where either team has games already scheduled.

This search function also can be used to identify ALL dates when your team and another specific team are both available to play at the same time. This is very handy when looking for possible make-up dates for postponed games or during the grace period.

A second tool does a similar search to find all available opponents for any given date and time.

Once agreed upon by both teams, games can be added by either team to its online schedule Main > Team Home > Schedule > Add Game. As soon as a game is added to the online schedule of one team, it will automatically appear on the opposing team's schedule and an email will be sent to all parties. And, when played and scored, will count in the standings for both teams.

In addition to this search tool, also includes a message board for teams actively seeking pick-up games, described next.

Pick-Up Games Match-Up Board

Enables teams to post their own requests for games on the ENYTB website and to view/search the requests of other member and non-member teams (see Tools > Pick-Up Games > Game Requests). Also equipped with an automated search capability, which is handy at times when there are hundreds of requests. Requests can be easily tailored to types of opponents preferred (age and skill level), field availability (home or away), single game or double-header, and even by time of day. This tool also provides access to the contact info of all participants.