NO LATER THAN MAY 15th or BEFORE first game is played.....

Because ENYTB is a multi-sanctioned league, teams must maintain a league roster as well as a separate sanctioned roster for each sanctioning body they are registered with. Each roster has its oen eligibility criteria built-in. It will not let you add an ineligible player to any of your rosters. Of course, a player may be ineligible on one roster but NOT on another. It is each club/team's responsibility to ensure that each of its rosters is correct throughout the season.

Teams at 12U and younger must have all their players on their online roster before they begin play, which is often mid-April.

Teams beginning play after May 15 must have a minimum of 9 players listed on their online roster by May 15th. Failure to meet this deadline will cause your club and all its teams to lose access to the website. To regain access the team(s) w/o nine players will have to submit a complete written roster to the League office.

To qualify for AABC sanctioning, AABC registered teams must submit a AABC roster form, signed by players and the team manager, to the League office no later than three days following the respective AABC cut-off dates. Amended AABC rosters can be similarly filed until 3 days after the AABC cut-off dates (June 15 for teams aged 14U and under and July 1 for teams aged 15U and above). Teams keep the original and send one copy to the League office. A copy of proof of age for each player must be submitted to the league office before the before the player makes his first appearance. A copy of a team's certificates of insurance must be submitted to the league office before the team plays its first league scheduled game.

A team's official roster for each sanctioning body, can be printed directly from the ENYTB website, completely filled out (you will want to use legal size paper).

NOTE: NABF and PONY regular season rosters do not need to be signed, therefore, online rosters are sufficient (the League can print them directly from the website.