UP UNTIL APRIL 1st (Mar 15 for teams age 12U and under)....
Teams should register with the league as soon as possible after their age division meeting.

Once activated, each team has its own registration page on the website, customized to include only those things it is eligible for (Registration > REGISTRATION > OPTIONS/FEES), including all tournaments provided under each sanctioning body as well as any sponsored by the league.

NOTE:All tournament information is also available at Inside The League > Tournaments > All TOURNAMENTS.

As teams register, they are further classified by sanctioning body and listed on the website registration boards Inside The League > Teams > Registration. Thus, if you are wondering who your likely opponents would be in various programs, the registration boards are the place to look.

Once league registration closes, the League Director has sufficient information to create all League Divisions, including wildcard divisions, and assign specific teams and tournament berths to each division. At that point, every team's regular season "tournament qualifying" competition is fully defined. All that's left is to get'em scheduled.