Activation i.e., Pre-registration

In mid-November of each year, the website is initialized for the upcoming season. This is the starting point for the new annual cycle. At this point, the League can begin "activating" new teams and re-activate returning teams, for the upcoming season. Team activations are shown on the website as they happen, classified by team age and power rating Inside The League > Teams.

Activation is akin to pre-registration. It is a declaration that you intend to be active in the league i.e., register one or more teams for the upcoming season. Any information provided is considered tentative and can be changed without penalty up until the close of registration.

When a returning club or team is re-activated, passwords for all of its authorized users from the previous year are re-activated as well i.e., everyone's passwords from the previous year work again, giving them access to password protected content again. This also allows teams to update their information from the prior year e.g., update/initialize their rosters, and update their team directory i.e., coaches and team contact persons.

When a club/team is activated, each club/team participant e.g., club owner/rep, team manager, coach, contact person and player, is given his own private, secure online "ENYTB office" Everything needed to participate in the League is available to each participant in his virtual ENYTB office space, including a personalized real-time view of all League activity. The same is true for new members except not all its authorized users are added at once. Coaches/team contact persons and players are added later by the club/team. See Help > Access for a thorough description of this process.

Each team's virtual office includes a team registration page, customized to the team's age and its level of play, listing everything offered by ENYTB that the team is eligible to register for, along with its associated fee (see Registration > Options/Fees).

NOTE: Mandatory registration items have a permanent check in their associated check-box. Programs with an empty check-box are optional. All sanctioning and tournament eligibility choices are optional. Teams that elect to double-register their team i.e., participate at two age levels with the same team, are shown their options at the next age level after entering a chec-mark in the DR check-box.

Once a team has made its registration selections, an itemized invoice is created. It records the team's actual registration choices, the total amount due, payment(s), credits etc. and balance due (see Registration > Options/Fees > Invoice). In addition, a "consolidated" invoice is created for each club, summarizing the invoices and payments for each team the club registered, as well as any applicable club fees or discounts (see Main > Owner Home > Team Info > Registration).

To unlock the door to your private ENYTB office, each participant needs a "key" i.e., a personal log-in. Passwords are established during activation for club owners/reps and team managers. They are established for coaches and players as they are added to the team by their team manager or club owner/rep. For more information on activation, see Help > Access.

The goal is to have all returning clubs/teams activated before the Annual Kick-Off meeting in late January. Roster protection ends in mid-Jan for teams that have not yet activated. They still have til April 1 to activate/register but their players from the prior year are free agents until they do.

By about the same time as the Kick-Off meeting, the sanctioning bodies announce their tournament calendar, which is posted on the website as it becomes available. Each sanctioning body has its own timetable for releasing such information. NABF information is available as early as November. AABC and PONY information usually isn't complete until mid to late January. Sanctioned tournament information is used by teams to make their registration choices. All teams are required to make their registration choices on the website no later than April 1st.