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ENYTB ELITE Program - Is It Right For Your Team?

posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 04:01:32

Is It Right For Your Team?

It is easy to get the wrong idea of what ENYTB's Elite Division is all about. Some people think it is simply for teams playing at the highest possible level for their age level. This is not exactly true. In fact, to be Elite, teams give up quite a bit, as detailed below. If your team is very highly rated competitively but is the same as other members in all other respects e.g., you want to play a full schedule, you want to be eligible for competitively-based sanctioned tournament berths and you want the usual roster protections afforded by league membership, then you do NOT want to classify yourself as Elite.

History .....

Several years ago, a few large ENYTB members came to us and said, we have tournament teams that include players that originally entered the league with other ENYTB teams. We see that ENYTB Consitution says that teams comprised in this manner must be continued in ENYTB lest the club lose its membership privileges altogether. However, these teams have very limited availability for league games. Can you set something up so that our club is not in violation of the ENYTB Constitution in terms of taking players acquired from other ENYTB teams out of the league?

The concept of an Elite Division.

1 - An Elite team is highly competitive though not necessarily better than the league's better Gold teams;

2 - An Elite team should play the majority of its summer schedule as a tournament team and be seeking only a limited number of league games and only on very specific dates.

3 - Elite teams desire fewer restrictions where possible, pertaining to player movement between teams:

A. Players rostered on Elite teams would be free to move to another Elite Teams w/o restriction;

B. Players rostered on Elite teams would be free to move to a non-Elite team w/o restriction; and,

C. Elite teams would still follow the league's usual rules when acquiring players from non-Elite ENYTB teams.

4 - An Elite team would not be allowed to compete with non-Elite teams for sanctioned tournament berths. They would however, be eligible to purchase sanctioned tournament berths on a DBI basis and/or to participate in ENYTB sponsored tournaments.

5 - Elite teams would be limited to a maximum of 12 scheduled games in the league with a required minimum of eight. And Elite teams would be given the highest scheduling priority i.e., Elite teams would be scheduled before non-Elite teams so as to assure that they would get the most competitive opponents possible on the limited dates they were available to be scheduled.

So no matter how strong your team is, don't register it as Elite unless all of the above rules also fit what you are looking for.
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