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HelpDesk & Club Rebates (Discounts)

posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 04:01:42

HelpDesk & Club Rebates (Discounts)

Please notice the green icon (Help Desk) in the upper right hand corner of every webpage. The HelpDesk is up and running. Simply click and state your question. First time users will need to establish a password protected account. From this time forward, ALL questions about the league or the website should be directed to League Admin via the HelpDesk. If I need to talk to you about your inquiry, I will call you. You should expect a timely reply to your inquiry, usually the same day and always within 72 hours.

EXCEPTION: Club/team activation and new member inquiries. Club GMs should call Ed (518-542-8498) to activate their clubs & teams (same as always).

POLICY re: Member Discounts: To qualify for club discounts this year, all informational inquiries with league admin must go through the club GM i.e., club GM enters the request for information to the HelpDesk. Clubs that allow their teams to initiate information requests will not be eligible for the club discounts. This is the way it was always meant to be but in recent years many club GMs have gotten away from this practice. If the club GM is unable to perform this function, he will need to appoint another person who can to be club GM if the club wishes to be eligible for this discount. Discounts: $50 per team Who's eligible? Any club with more than one team, provided all contacts with the league originate through the club GM. This policy is the same as was in effect for 2016-17 and it seemed to work quite well.

Calculation of club discount: Club's total number of registered teams less one X $50/team. Yesterday I activated a club with 13 teams. Their discount would be 12x50 = $600, provided all contacts with the league originate through the club GM. =============================================================

Since we won't know if a club qualifies for this discount until the season is over, all amounts will be paid in the form of rebates at season's end. It shall be each club's choice whether to take this rebate in the form of a credit or cash payment.

Thank you,

Ed Frye
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