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What Needs Doing Between Activation & The Closing Date For Registration

posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:14

What Needs Doing Between Activation
& The Closing Date For Registration

Once you have renewed your membership for the current year i.e., you have re-activated your club, team(s) and home field(s) with the league, you have completed step 1 in the registration process.

To complete your registration, you have six additional but fairly simple tasks to complete. You status for each task is tracked on your team deadlines page. These six tasks are:

1 - Fill out your team's online program order form (this form officially registers your team for any tournaments it chooses as well as other ENYTB program elements that are optional. This form is also used to create your team bill);

2 - Build your team roster online; and,

NOTE: As soon as you know a player has no intention of returning, move him to your DNR list.

3 - Enter your scheduling inputs to the website.

NOTE: Teams enter their team availability and playing preferences while the club GM enters one or more field schedule for each home field (time that is available for scheduling ENYTB games) and assigns its teams to these field schedules as appropriate.

4 - Email your team's proof of insurance to Ed at pres@runmyleague.com.

5 - Email proof of DOB for your NEW players (players from last summer already DOB-certified) to Debbie at ddoraz15@gmail.com

6 - Mail a check to Ed (payable to ENYTB) for your registration fees. His address is 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303.

Do these six simple tasks and ENYTB will do the rest to ensure that your team is registered and scheduled as you have indicated.
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