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2019 Member Activation/Sign-Up Procedure & Upcoming ENYTB Meetings

posted by Administrator 12/30/2018 09:12:18

2019 Member Activation/Sign-Up Procedure
& Upcoming ENYTB Meetings.

Hello everybody and welcome to the new baseball year and ENYTB's 24th consecutive year of operation.

Process for membership renewals (i.e., re-activations) and new member sign-ups (i.e., activations) remains the the same as always.

To review:

1 - Existing Members - To regain website access, club GMs (not team managers/coaches) need to contact Ed Frye by phone (518-542-8498) during month of January to re-activate their club. This includes informing the league of the teams they plan to register with the league by age, power level and manager. Please have complete contact info available for any first time ENYTB managers.


2 - New Membership Inquiries - Persons seeking information re: new memberships may contact Ed by phone as provided above or by email at pres@runmyleague.com. Ed will endeavor to respond to all such inquiries within 72 hours.


All requests for assistance with website or league operations including rules, etc. MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE ENYTB Help Desk (see green logo at top right hand corner of every webpage.

3 - Membership Meetings

A - Annual Kick-Off Meeting .....1PM Sunday, FEB 10th. More details will be forthcoming. This meeting consists of a general presentation of the league program, with focus on those things that will be new and/or different in 2019. Phase I of ENYTB's new website will be unveiled at this meeting as well.

B - League Orientation Meeting - 1PM Sunday, FEB 24th. This meeting consists of a micro-oriented discussion of league participation.

Both meetings will be held at WFD-HM HS in the multi-purpose room located beyond the gym.

That's all for now. I look forward to hearing from all our club GMs during the month of JAN as you activate your clubs and teams. Remember, don't use your RFA credits to add RFA to your roster until FEB 1 and beyond. At that time, players on teams that were not re-activated for 2019 will be made UFA and require no RFA credit to change teams. Add them before then and it will cost you a credit.

So, until JAN 2, Feliz Navidad to one and all!
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