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What Is A Rule 85 Violation?

posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:18

What Is A Rule 85 Violation?

In general, ENYTB recognizes its members have the freedom to register their teams in whatever leagues they choose with one exception.

As stated in our Constitution and By-Laws (Article XVI, Section 16.2, RULE 85), any team formed by an ENYTB member with players taken from teams owned by other ENYTB members, if discontinued in this league, to play in another local travel league, that member shall forever be classified as a "non-continuing" member.

PENALTY: Non-continuing members, by definition, do not receive RFA credits nor roster protection.

To avoid this significant reduction in membership status, a member must continue to register its Rule 85 teams in this league and play at least ten league games in this league for as long as it continues to play said team in any other locally based travel league.

NOTE: ENYTB teams formed entirely of UFA are not subject to this restriction.

This rule has been in place since the league's founding in 1996. From the outset, we did not want the league to merely serve as a conduit or feeder program to other leagues. That only weakens our league in the older ages. And we believe it is inherently unfair for one member to take players from their fellow ENYTB members only to take those players out of this league altogether. That is a double whammy.

ENYTB does not want to stop teams from doing what they want to do but life is a 2-way street. At least register the team in this league for a minimal number of games (10) and help us keep our older age divisions competitive and viable.

NOTE: This rule was unanimously adopted in 1996 and first applied circa 2000 in the matter of Belmont RBI vs Schenectady Indians, Jim DiMidio, American Legion. It was reaffirmed in 2013, consistent with the RFA/UFA player classification system adopted by ENYTB in 2013, in the face of a challenge by Tom Bird.

Ed Frye
ENYTB President
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