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Closing Dates & Prices For ENYTB Spring/Sumer Registration

posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 05:01:10

Closing Dates & Prices
For ENYTB Spring/Summer Registration

Registration Summary - 2018

Ages 9/10.....MAR 15.....$425/per team.....incl June MAdness
Ages 11/12 ...MAR 15.....$475/per team.....incl June Madness
Ages 13/14 ...APR 15 ....$525/per team.....incl SUPER 8 & July Madness
Ages 15/18 ...APR 15 ....$525/per team.....incl SUPER 8
Ages 19 & Up .APR 15 ....$525/per team

NOTE: Other tournaments are available on an a la carte basis.

NOTE: Clubs can qualify for rebates of $50 per team (for all teams excluding first) if all requests for information from the club's teams are funneled through the club GM.

ENYTB's online team registration page, customized to each team based on its age and power level, is currently blocked from view (not yet active for 2017) but it is expected to be ready by mid-FEB.

→ Team Account
→ A la Carte Options For Post-Season Play/Create My Team Bill

We also hope to have the dates of all or most tournaments on the ENYTB tournament board updated by that time as well.

→ Tournament Master Schedule
→ Sanctioned and ENYTB Tournament Master Schedule

Everyone can follow the chronology of all ENYTB meetings, deadlines and events via our League Calendar, located on our homepage.

Still have questions? Call Ed at 518-542-8498.
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