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Schedules Are Out At 9U-12U!

posted by Administrator 03/27/2018 04:03:34

Schedules Are Out At 9U-12U!

To: All ENYTB Teams 9U-12U:

1 - All schedules are now available online;

The new methodology for determining competitive range and applying SoS preferences worked very well. Despite significant challenges presented by a small percentage of teams with very limited or unusual team availability and/or home field availability, I feel we have put out a very high quality schedule, perhaps the best ever.

2 - All teams have been labeled according to their post-season registration choices e.g., J = June Madness, L = Last Man Standing etc.

3 - League standings based on team registration choices have been constructed at 9U-10U-11U-12U and populated accordingly.

NOTE1: If your team's postseason label is wrong or your team is not placed in the appropriate standings, please notify me ASAP.

NOTE2: All teams have till end of Thursday to contact me if they believe I have scheduled your team in contradiction of the instructions you provided via FA/TA.

NOTE3: Beginning Friday, MAR 30, all teams have a one week grace period to negotiate schedule changes with their opponents w/o penalty. ALL CHANGES MUST BE PROCESSED THROUGH THE WEBSITE!

NOTE4: The new reschedule methodology is not available yet so until it is, we will follow last year's rules.

NOTE5: Friday, APR 6, ALL schedules become official and any further changes shall count in the usual manner.

Every team schedule has an ADD GAME button for adding games. So if you want additional games with a given opponent, they can be added in this manner, provided they have agreed to the terms.

TOOLS > Pick-Up Games: This is where you go to advertise your availability for extra games to the rest of the league and to view the advertisements of other ENYTB teams for extra games.

At this time, you should contact your umpire assigner & provide him with with your home dates/times. Be sure to indicate whether game is 6 innings (9/10), 7 innings (all other ages), 9 innings or a doubleheader. We require that home teams order two umps for each game. Each team shall pay for one ump per game.
Next deadline is APR 1 - proof of age of players not previously confirmed (to Debbie) and proof of team insurance (to me). Like all ENYTB registration deadlines, website access will go away if your team is not in compliance.

Lastly, five ENYTB members are still unpaid. As soon as your check arrives, your access to the website will be restored. Send me a picture of the check and I will credit your account till your check arrives.

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