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ENYTB Adds Most Preferred Opponents List

posted by Administrator 02/11/2018 07:02:25

Custom Scheduling
ENYTB Adds "Most Preferred" Opponents List

Beyond restricting your schedule to those opponents within your team's competitive range, the ENYTB scheduling tool (Self-Scheduler or SS) also offers teams the option to further modify their list of potential opponents (box entitled opponent preferences). For example, teams can block out certain opponents they don't want to play ("do not play" list) or restrict their road trips to "weekends only" with local opponents between 30 and 60 miles away. SS also lets teams extend their opponent list to include any team they wish (Add Teams), provided the opponent adds them to its list as well.

What's missing is a Most Preferred Opponent List i.e., those opponents a team would most like to see on their schedule. In fact, I believe many who prefer to self-schedule do so mostly for this reason.

We have added a Most Preferred List feature to the SS Opponent Preferences box. So when ENYTB is scheduling your team, all else being equal, it will pick opponents from your team's preferred list i.e., it will be a major new scheduling factor. That does not mean your team will only play opponents from its preferred list, but it will increase the probability that those teams will appear on your schedule. All else being equal, preference will be given to picking opponents from your team's preferred list.

And, of course, the more you make your team available, the more likely it is to have matches with teams appearing on your Preferred List. The key to getting a great schedule in this league is to make yourself and your home field as available as possible.

NOTE: Since SS does not populate with your competitive opponents list until each of those teams has entered its own scheduling data, your opponent list isn't usually known till just before scheduling begins. Thus, this designation should be made just before scheduling begins.
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