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ENYTB Slide Show - Detailed View Of All ENYTB Operations

posted by Administrator 12/19/2018 09:12:47

ENYTB Slide Show
Detailed View Of All ENYTB Operations

The goal of ENYTB is to provide each member team with a high quality and highly customized baseball experience. To meet that goal, ENYTB focuses on the five basic league services underlying every good travel league:

  • One Stop Team Registration - An a la carte team order form, customized to each team's age & skill level, that lets teams choose whatever program "extras" it desires;

  • The Ability To Acquire Sufficient Players To Form A Viable Team - Players are the lifeblood of any league and when it comes to player eligibility, ENYTB does NOT tie your hands behind your back. Our website allows teams to publish ads for players and/or public tryouts. Our rules do not limit players to teams based on place of residence. Our rules also allow players to move from one team to another, provided their new team has sufficient "cap space" for taking players from other active ENYTB teams;

  • Highly Detailed Team Scheduling - "Have It Your Way" customization, including opponents that fall within your team's competitive range and desired strength-of-schedule. Teams also can designate their preferred opponents as well as their "do not play" opponents. Teams also have the ability to restrict, within reason, the dates/times when their team is available to be scheduled to play as well as the number of games it wishes to play on a sub-weekly basis;

  • High Level Schedule Reliability - Schedule reliability is the hallmark of every high quality travel league. ENYTB achieves its schedule reliability standards through a simple & verifiable online system that includes a fine system to ensure accountability; and, lastly,

  • Abundant Postseason Opportunities - Available to all teams regardless of their age or skill level.

How ENYTB delivers superior performance in each of these five important services is the subject of this presentation. The slides from the presentation appear below.
Welcome to ENYTB's "League Orientation" slide show. As the name A to Z implies, this presentation covers the league from front to back. It is the best single source of information for members, new and old, to discover and become familiar with everything that ENYTB encompasses, including a peek into the methodologies that make it all happen.

ENYTB administration has been fully web-based for several years now. There are several major advantages to league administration being 100% web-based:

1 - 24x7 Availability;
2 - Efficiency; and,
3 - 24x7 Compliance Checking.

For these tasks to be done manually, the manpower requirements would greatly exceed what any baseball league this side of MLB could afford.

The slide show includes 84 slides divided into 8 sections. Each section concludes with a brief summary of highlights.

Don't sweat the details the first time through. Instead, relax and treat it as the best first step you can take on the ENYTB learning curve. I guarantee that you will learn a lot the first time through even w/o sweating the details.

If you want a deeper understanding of any area, you can always go back to the slide show at anytime and focus on that section alone. At that time you can also locate the real website pages that correspond to the screenshots in the presentation. Also, the full details of many of the most important topics are posted on our News & Info Board (ENYTB Homepage) or on our Rules & Regulations Board (Club/Team Homepages).

Having done your due diligence, ENYTB offers members three additional sources of technical assistance:

1 - Look at the top menu bar and click the ? in teh orange circle. It will provide you with key FAQ for the web page you are on i.e., content-sensitive HELP;

2 - Look at the FAQ Main Library, organized by subject area; and,

3 - If you have remaining questions, direct them to your club GM. If he/she doesn't have the answer, you can submit your question to our HelpDesk.

In fact, getting Technical Help is the subject of the final section of the slide show.

Each section of slides has been uploaded as a single pdf file so please scroll up/down to see all slides in each section.

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