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Fall Ball Preview

posted by Administrator 07/15/2022 12:07:11

The last 3 weeks of July are going to be 100% focused on our final tournaments of the summer season. This will be our one address of Fall Ball until summer season is over...


Registration opens: Monday, August 15th
Registration closes: Friday, August 26th

All scheduling data is due by Sunday, August 28th

Fees must be received by Saturday, September 3rd

Play begins: as early as September 9th
Play ends: as late as October 30th


Fees: $325 per team

New clubs to the league: anyone trying to join the league for the first time will need to go through a review process before being allowed to join. Perspective members should contact the league August 15th - August 20th. We will need to review your rosters to determine if they are legal, as well as meet other criteria to join the league.

No club or team will be allowed to join for fall if they do not have a roster that will be legal for Summer 2023.

THE HEAVIER STUFF - Rosters, Player Movement, Tryouts, etc.

#1 - 11 Player Roster *MINIMUM*.

All teams must have 11 primary players. This rule was announced in February. It officially begins with the Fall 2022 season and will continue for all future Summer & Fall seasons. Do not enter a team in the league that does not have at least 11 committed players.

#2 - Players changing teams

July and August is the month the league gets the most questions, complaints, concerns about players changing teams.

Anyone who is currently a coach in the league has access to the rules. Read them. ENYTB.com > My Team > Rules & Regulations > ENYTB RFA RULES, INCLUDING 2017 REVISIONS.

A simplified and incomplete summary:

Every team that played Summer 2022 ENYTB gets a limited amount of roster protection. Each individual player is free to change teams within the league once a season is complete. However, each team is limited in how many players they can take from other members. It is the responsibility of the Club GM to know these limits and ensure ALL their teams are compliant.

We use a system of "RFA Credits" (RFA = restricted free agent). Teams must have an RFA credit to use if they are going to take a player from another team in ENYTB.

- Returning teams get 2 RFA credits every season (use them or lose them, they do not carryover).

- Returning teams get 1 compensatory RFA credit for every player that chooses to leave them for another ENYTB club. (These never expire until used to acquire a replacement player).

- Newly formed teams from an existing Club get 5 RFA credits.

- Newly teams from new Clubs get 3 RFA credits.

- There is a *LIFETIME* Head to Head limit between teams. Team A can only use 3 credits in their lifetime against Team B.

- Players that are aged 17U and older are exempt from this system due to the fact that there are much fewer teams that exist at those ages.

- Players that have never played in ENYTB are considered UFAs (unrestricted free agents) and can join any team they desire.

The league has developed this system over many years. It allows individual players the ability to move around at will. No team "owns" a player. But at the same time, it prevents individual teams from cannibalizing each other.

Coaches & Club GMs - know these rules as you hold tryouts and build rosters for next year.

Parents - if you are thinking about changing teams, ask questions. Ensure the team has a RFA credit to use on your player. Also, do your diligence up front on coaching philosophies, style, and player expectations.
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