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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Late Withdrawal PENALTY From Tournaments

posted by Administrator 07/23/2018 03:07:04

re: Late Withdrawal PENALTY From Tournaments

To: ALL ENYTB Clubs/Teams:

Because of the high rate of late drop-out of member teams from ENYTB tournaments this year we are adopting a new, get tough policy towards ALL late drop outs from this day forward.

Any ENYTB member club that enters one of its teams to an ENYTB tournament and withdraws that team AFTER the tournament lock-down date or after confirming its availability for said tournament or AFTER failing to respond to a request for confirmation shall be banned from registering any of its teams for any ENYTB tournament for a period of one year.

NOTE: This ban shall extend to all teams owned by the club regardless of whether that team was the guilty party.

Some club members are not doing a good job of impressing on their teams the importance of pulling out of tournaments BEFORE the lock-down date, not AFTER. If you are not 100% sure you have enough players to participate in a tournament or if you have possible conflicts e.g., with another tournament your team may qualify for or go to, you need to withdraw from the ENYTB tournament on or before the lock-down date. That's why it is called a lock-down date.

"too many injured players" will not be accepted as an excuse to avoid this ban. This is a "no excuse accepted" policy.

Two weeks out from a tournament a team should know how many players it has committed for a tournament. If it is only 9 or 10 players, it is not enough for a tournament and you should withdraw your team then and there.

The only alternative to this policy is for the league to stop organizing and running tournaments because too many of our member clubs/teams have become too unreliable. We are currently getting one or two withdrawals per day. That's not acceptable for local teams in a locally hosted tournament. Non-local teams aren't withdrawing at all. We don't want to have to end sponsoring tournaments altogether as many of you seem to greatly appreciate these events and they contibute to the growth and vitality of the league. In fact, we have been considering doing more tournaments in the future. But before we do that, we need weed out those members who don't respect all that goes into organizing these tournaments.

Ed Frye
ENYTB President
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