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Still Not Too Late To Put Your Team In ENYTB's Top Summer Event - Last Man Standing (LMS) Tournament

posted by Administrator 06/23/2018 05:06:08

Still Not Too Late To Put Your Team In ENYTB's Top Summer Event Last Man Standing (LMS) Tournament

The Last Man Standing tournament is ENYTB's season closing event, put on for your team's fun and enjoyment alone. It is played every year on the last weekend of July. That's the 27th thru the 30th in 2018. Below you will find much information about the Last Man Standing Tournament. if you have more questions give Ed Frye a call (518) 542-8498 or shoot me an email at pres@runmyleague.com.

(1) Registration Remains Open Through July 15
Teams have three weeks left to register for the LMS tournament. Sign up by sending me an email and a check for $250 or by signing up online and sending me a check. Some divisions may fill up and close early so don't delay if you know you want in.

(2) GENERAL FORMAT - very team friendly. Even for non-local teams.

Pool play followed by single elimination with a three game guarantee (no consolation games). Every team, regardless of tournament record, is still alive at the beginning of play on Sunday morning.

Sounds simple but it offers some unique team friendly twists:

FRI/SAT ...Three rounds of pool play - each team plays two games and gets one BYE.

NOTE: Out of town teams can request that their BYE occurs on FRI night. Also, local teams that aren't available to play a Round 1 game on FRI night, can request a THUR night game.

SUN R4 - All pool winners get a R4 BYE while 2 plays 3 cross-pool.

SUN R5 - R4 winners play pool winners. (R4 losers are eliminated)

MON R6/R7 - 3 --> 2 --> 1.


A record 112 teams participated in 2017. Games were played at more than 30 fields operated by ENYTB members. The number of entries this year are following a similar trajectory, with 98 paid entries already.

(4) TEAM PLACEMENTS - Our goal is to get every team placed into a division that it can be competitive in.

Teams are sorted into age groups, defined in two year intervals, beginning at age 9/10.

Teams are then grouped by competition level i.e., high (BIC), medium (AAA) and low (AA).

NOTE: When registrations aren't sufficient to offer 3 competition levels in an age group we will offer only two or possibly one.

Regular season games, as counted in the LMS standings, are used to place ENYTB teams while non-ENYTB teams are allowed to self place in conjunction with a talk with the tournament director.

Last year's entrants formed 13 different tournament divisions.

The number of entries by age group for last year and this year (so far) are:


9/10 ........12............11

11/12 .......27............14

13/14 .......36............32

15/16 ......27............28

17/18/19 ...10............13

(5) TEAM ELIGIBILITY - All teams are welcome!

Open to all teams - member and non-ENYTB alike. We welcome fresh blood!

(6) PLAYER ELIGIBILITY - Age is only factor.

Open Roster. Teams are not restricted to their current regular season rosters. However, there are two age-related restrictions:

A - A team can have a maximum of five players one year older than their team's age group level.

B - Baseball age of all other players must fall within or below the age group level the team is registered in. (Player's age on APR 30 defines his baseball age.)

Example: 9/10 level can include a maximum of 5 players whose baseball age is 11 years old. Thus, players who have attained the age of 11 on or before APR 30 of current year are not eligible for 9/10 division play.

RESTRICTIONS Applicable to use of over-aged players:

i - Over-aged players at 9/10 and 11/12 can not pitch.

ii - Over-aged players at the older age levels are allowed to make one pitching appearance in the tournament but they may not pitch more than 3 complete innings during that appearance. Whenever an over-aged player has been used to pitch, the team doing so must inform the tournament director immediately following the conclusion of the game the player pitched in. The tournament director shall distribute to all teams by email throughout the tournament, an updated list of all over-aged players who have used up their eligibility to pitch.

NOTE: There is no restriction on appearances by over-aged players at any other position.

NOTE: Wood bats are used at 15/16 and older.

(7) HOSTING - We always need as many as we can get!

ENYTB members, in conjunction with ENYTB, host all or most of the LMS games. We ALWAYS need hosts for this tournament so if you are interested in hosting any games, please let me know ASAP.

Last year's hosts included:

1 - Balston Spa
2 - No. Colonie
3 - Duanesburg
4 - Brunswick
5 - Catskill Diamond Dogs
6 - NE Hurricanes
7 - Amsterdam
8 - Rotterdam Golden Knights
9 - Cohoes Blackhawks
10 - Waterford Nationals
11 - Saratoga Travel
12 - Guilderland Bulldogs
13 - Hoosic Valley Rangers
14 - Voorheesville Blackbirds
15 - Taconic Diamond Dogs
16 - Coxsackie-Athens (McQuade Park)
17 - Berkshire Americans
18 - Galway Eagles

We make every effort to place games at fields to avoid significant travel distances for both teams whenever possible. As tournaments wear on, the games get concentrated at fewer and fewer fields and there is less control over that.

For anyone interested in hosting LMS games in 2018, there are several hosting options available:

1 - your team's games only, usually Friday & Saturday.
2 - (1) plus other games not involving your teams (secondary host)
3 - (1) plus the game following your team's 1st game.
Example: Your team is team A. A plays B and A plays C and C plays D.
4 - primary host - host non-stop throughout tournament, includes games involving your teams and games not involving your teams. Usually includes Championship game in your team's division.

....League provides baseballs and all team and player awards
....Each team pays one ump per game played.
....Hosts keep 100% of their concession revenue.

Best hosting deal on the boardwalk as they say. No ump costs, no ball costs, no sweating the details, all you do is order the umps, distribute the game balls, keep the field(s) groomed, and cook the food and keep the drinks cold! (Did I mention send the scores into the Tournament Director?) Great way to sell the last of your summer supplies. We put LMS games on 30+ fields in each of the last two years.

Anyone wishing to host LMS games should contact me ASAP.

(8) DETAILED TOURNAMENT INFO - Always 4 clicks away - from rules to brackets to scores.

Every ENYTB tournament has its own tournament home page where all information pertaining to that tournament is directly accessible. (You may have to log-in when you get to that page.)

i - Go to our Tournaments menu;
ii - Select ALL ENYTB Hosted Tournaments;
iii - Select OPEN TO ALL;
iv - Click on ENYTB and then OPEN; and,
v - select the Last Man Standing tournament you are interested in viewing.
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