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Last Call For Entires To Last Man Standing Tournament Close July 15 - Open Tournament w Open Rosters - All Ages

posted by Administrator 07/11/2018 12:07:47

Last Call!
Entires To Last Man Standing Tournament Close July 15
Open Tournament w Open Rosters - All Ages
3 Levels Of Competition & 3 Game Guarantee!

Our end of the season extravaganza tournament (LMS) is coming up in a couple of weeks (JUL 27-July 30).

Registrations are rapidly filling and close on Sunday, JUL 15:

9/10 - 14 teams (2 div) .... cutoff at 18 ......still 4 openings
11/12 - 16 teams (2 div) .... cutoff at 18 ......still 2 openings
13/14 - 32 teams (3 div) .... cutoff at 36 ......still 4 openings
15/16 - 29 teams (3 div) .....cutoff at 36 ......still 7 openings
17/18/19 - 14 teams (1 or 2 divisions ......cutoff at 18 ......still 4 openings

Altogether, more than 100 teams have registered and paid.

So if you want in, don't delay any further - this is the absolute last call.

Send a check for $250 with your team name/age and your name, phone# and email address to:

Ed Frye
5227 Bridle Pathway
Schenectady, NY 12303-5017

Vacancies will be filled in the order that checks are received. If we fill up, any surplus teams will be put on a waiting list in case teams drop out late or, if the waiting list gets big enough, we may be able to add an additional division.

This is an OPEN tournament i.e., we welcome members and non-members alike. Fresh blood is a good thing. :) And it is open roster, meaning you are free to assemble a roster of your choosing provided all players meet ENYTB age requirements. All teams are allowed up to 5 players one year older than the age division they are playing but there are pitching restrictions on "over-aged" players.

For more details, go to a LMS tournament homepage and read the general info documents that are there and/or look at the teams that are registered. Teams have not been fully sorted into competition levels yet. That will be done on Monday, JULY 16. The brackets, pairings and schedule will be available on Tuesday July 17 for each of the various divisions.


These tournaments are hosted on our members' home fields. Last year games were hosted on 25 fields. We need a similar number or even more this year. If you want to host some games on your home field, including your own, let me know ASAP (518-542-8498 or pres@runmyleague.com).

We offer various kinds of hosting opportunities for this tournament:

1 - Primary - hosts a particular tournament across all days and includes championship game.

2 - Secondary - hosts through Saturday, maybe a little on Sunday. Can be a mix of divisions. Primary hosts can top off their fields as secondary hosts for other divisions as well.

3 - Host games involving your teams only - this usually includes round 1 only or rounds 1-3.

Hosts order umps, maintain fields and operate concessions (optional), and distribute game balls to games. ENYTB supplies all awards and baseballs. Teams pay one ump per game played.


To help the FRI night burden (33 games), we are thinking of spreading the R1 games this year across THUR and FRI nights.

Non-Local Teams Get R1 Bye When Possible

Also, as usual, non-local teams will be given preference to take their BYE in R1 to save on travel expenses. (In the 9 team formats that we favor, every teams gets one bye in the first 3 rounds.)


Please notify me by email if your organization wishes to be an LMS host this year in any capacity. And if you want to get registered, act now!

If your team is already registered/paid and you need to withdraw, you may do so w/o penalty through July 15. After that, no refunds.

Thanks much!
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