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ENYTB's FREE EarlyBird Pre-Season Program! 13/14U ONLY

posted by Administrator 02/04/2020 03:02:10

ENYTB's EarlyBird Program!

  • Program is FREE;
  • Play begins SUN, APR 19;
  • Sunday Only Play;
  • Play ends on SUN, May 17;
  • Mother's Day is May 10 (Saturday play is available that weekend only);

  • Match-ups based on FA/TA only i.e., no effort is made to factor in the relative strengths of the teams.

On this last point, keep in mind the purpose of this program is developmental/preparatory, not to finish 1st. (Your won-loss record will disappear from the website on May 18th.) So if you find yourself much the better team in a particular game, reduce your pitching as quickly as possible, play your subs, etc. to keep things as even as possible. We have teams ranging in ability from the lower 1/2 of 13u up to the upper half of 14U. That's about twice the range that we allow in regular season play.

PLAYING RULES - since this program is not designed for competitive purposes you may deviate from ENYTB playing rules in any way that you and your opponent can agree e.g., free substitution.

ROSTER RULES - Normal league rules do not apply. Feel free to use players as necessary to field a team of 9 players, with sufficient reserves and pitching etc. Clubs with multiple participating teams are allowed to use players on more than one team, as they find desirable. The primary objective is no forfeits.

MERCY RULE - I would observe the standard MERCY rule (10 runs after 5 complete innings or 6 innings if game is scheduled for 9 innings). Experience shows that nothing good happens after the 5th inning in long lopsided games. This applies to coaches, parents, umps and players.
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