Website Access - Level 3

Players and Their Families

To log-in to the website as an authorized user, a player needs a "user ID" and a unique password. Each player's email address, as entered on his team roster, is his "user ID". (For this reason, a valid email address must be entered for each player or the system is defeated and the player has no way of gaining access to password protected content.

Each player is issued a password by the website's automatic password management system when he is added to a team roster. At that time, the website also generates an auto-email notifying the player that he has been added to the roster of ENYTB team xyz and welcomes him to the league. This email also gives the player the URL for the league's website and provides him with his personal "user ID" and "password".

Passwords remain the same from year-to-year and a player's user ID never changes, unless he changes his email address. If a player changes teams, he may keep the same password, provided he has been already removed from his former team's roster. A player can not use the same password when he is on two or more teams.

NOTE: When a player is playing for two or more ENYTB teams in the same season, his must have a unique password for each team. This is necessary because much of the website content is keyed to the individual team encoded in the user's log-in. Thus, what a player sees on the screen depends on whether he is logged-in as a player on team xyz or as a player on team abc. When changing teams this is no problem because once removed from a team's roster, a player's access to that team's password-protected information is automatically voided even if he changes back to his previous password. However, ENYTB rules allow players to play for more than one ENYTB team, provided the teams are not in the same age level. Thus, some players will have more than one valid password. A player on the roster of more than one ENYTB team needs to use the password appropriate to the team for which he is seeking information about.

Players can retrieve their password at any time via instant email by clicking "Log-in" on the Main menu and "Forgot My Password" on the member log-in box and entering your email address. If you are not recognized as an authorized user, contact your manager or coach and have him confirm that you are on your team's online roster and that your correct email address has been entered (Required Info > Roster > Edit.

Players can also change their password at anytime via Main > My Profile.

Passwords expire each year when the website is initialized for the upcoming season, usually about mid-November and are renewed when the player's club activates his team for the upcoming season AND his team initializes its roster, confirming which players it is keeping from the prior year. The latter can be done by the club owner/rep, team manager or coach any time after the team has been activated.

Players are given a lower level of access privileges than team managers and coaches or club owners and reps. They have no write privileges and their read privileges are limited. They have access to TEAM HOME as well as the League Directory (Tools > Contact Info) and the Free Agent Pool for their age division. They can also obtain field directions in several different ways, including by clicking on the field name on their game schedule. They also have access to the league's special schedule for opening weekend as well as the Inside The League menu which provides the game results and standings for the entire league, including player stats and the league leader-board. Players also have access to all league information and online help regarding the league and the website, including: Main > Getting Started, as well as the many items on the League Info and Help menus.