Website Access

Authorized Users - Obtaining Your Personal Log-in

ENYTB's website is designed to provide every league participant, from player to coach, manager, club rep and club owner, his own personal log-in. When a new club joins the League, its first responsibility is to identify and provide complete contact information for, its club owner and club rep, as well as each of its team managers. As each individual is linked to his club/team, he is given a personal log-in, consisting of both a "user ID" and a unique password. An automatic password management system generates an auto-email welcoming the person to the league and notifying him of his personal log-in. Each person's email address is his "user ID". For this reason, a valid email address must be entered for each league participant or this system is defeated. A user's log-in allows the website to identify his level of access privileges by club, team and league status.

The process is complete when team managers add their coaches and players to their team roster. At that point, all club and team personnel have their own personal log-ins and have access to various premium content.

Authorized users can change their password at anytime via Main > My Profile. They can also retrieve their password at any time via instant email by clicking "Log-in" on the Main menu and then clicking "Forgot My Password" on the member log-in box.

Each authorized user is given one of three levels of access privileges, depending on the person's league "status". The access privileges associated with each of the three status levels differ greatly and are cumulative i.e., each is a subset of the level above it. The differences are fully described under Help > Access > choose level 2 tab denoting each by name.

As mentioned above, a user's personal log-in identifies him to the system by club, team and league status. This information is sufficiently to properly control content available to each authorized user. For example, two people linked to different teams, will follow the exact same steps to view their schedule yet each will be shown a schedule for his own team. Furthermore, two individuals linked to the same team but with different league status e.g., one is a team manager and the other is a player, may not see the same amount of content on a given page or the page may not be available at all to the one with lesser privileges i.e., the player.

Some people will have more than one status in the League and/or they may be linked to more than one team. For example, a mom or dad may manage their son's team or they may have two players on different teams or one player on two teams. In the first case, the mom or dad should always use the password with the higher access privileges i.e., the manager password. In the latter two cases, they should use the password appropriate to the team they are interested in viewing content for. In all cases, a person's user ID never changes, just his password.

Passwords expire each year when the website is initialized for the upcoming season, usually about mid-November. To regain website access, returning members need to activate their club and returning teams for the upcoming season, as well as any new teams they may want to register. Passwords stay the same from year-to-year for all returning participants providing they remain in the same capacities with the same team and/or club. All returning members will be contacted by their League Rep each year when it is time to activate their club/teams. New members need to contact the League Director, Ed Frye at (518) 356-9089.

Club reps, managers, coaches and players may change teams, clubs or capacities from one year to the next or even during the year. As this happens, and the individual is linked to his new team, club and/or capacity, he will be given a new password and it will be emailed to him in a similar manner as before.

NOTE: Users with write privileges have the capability to delete schedules, game results, player information etc. Thus, when individuals are no longer associated with a club or team, they should be immediately unlinked by the club owner/rep or team manager, thereby voiding their access privileges.

Club Reps and team managers also need to periodically check their coaching and player rosters to make sure all information is complete and up to date. This is important for League communication purposes as well for roster preparation since ENYTB's "smart-rosters" automatically print all league, team, coaching and player information on the official rosters of each sanctioning body. Incomplete or inaccurate information could lead to your team, or individual coaches or players not being eligible for sanctioned tournament play.

Trouble Shooting

  1. If you are a returning ENYTB club owner/rep and your codes from last year are not working, you need to contact the League Office (Ed Frye, (518) 356-9089, to activate your club/teams for the upcoming season. This will renew all of your club's access codes from the previous season.
  2. If you want to join the league as a new member or participate in the league on a limited basis as a non-member, you must contact the League Director, Ed Frye (518) 356-9089.
  3. If you are a manager and your club/team is active yet the password retrieval system has no record of you being an authorized user, contact your club owner/rep and tell him to look on his homepage (Main > Owner Home) and click the View Contacts for your team (listed in lower portion of browser window). If you are not listed there, with your correct email, and other contact info, then he needs to either complete/correct the existing information or link you to the team as a manager.
  4. Coaches should follow a similar procedure with their managers except the manager's homepage is located at (Main > Team Home).
  5. If you are a player, contact your manager or coach and have him confirm that your correct email address has been entered to the team roster by going to Required Info > Roster > Edit.

Member Access Privileges - 3 Levels

Level 1 - Club Level e.g., Club Owners/Reps

ENYTB refers to its registered members as clubs. Each club has an owner of record. Some ENYTB clubs are independently owned by individuals and some are owned by organizations e.g., Babe Ruth or local umbrella baseball organizations. The mix of ENYTB teams under these two forms of ownership is about 50-50.

Each club, regardless of ownership type, appoints a Club Rep, who is the primary contact agent with the League for all teams registered by that club. (In the case of independently owned clubs, the club owner usually serves as the Club Rep but not always.)

As mentioned at the top, when a new club joins the League, each of its players, coaches and managers, as well as its club rep and owner(s) is given access privileges to certain premium content areas of the website.

Club owner(s) and reps are given the highest level of access, including master access to all information and website functionality for any of its teams. For example, when a user signs in as a manager or coach or player and clicks My Schedule, the system brings up the schedule for his team only. When a user signs in as a club owner/rep and clicks My Schedule, he is offered a list of all his teams to choose from. Because of this master access capability, it is convenient for club owner/reps to always sign in under their club level codes, rather than any individual team codes they may have.

Club owners/reps also have exclusive access to the OWNER HOME area, which includes various functions to help the owner manage information for his club, home fields, and teams. One of these functions gives club owner/reps the ability to further limit access by their individual managers and coaches to read only (Owner Home > Team Info > Login Codes > click Change Access Level.

Level 2 - Team Level e.g., Team Managers/Coaches and Other Contacts

Team managers/coaches have full read/write privileges for their own teams but, as just mentioned, they are not allowed into the OWNER HOME area. They are also not allowed to release players. (Only the franchise owner has the authority to release a player, consistent with our league Constitution and By-Laws.)

Level 3 - Player Level e.g., Players and Their Families

Players and their families have less read privileges than those with team level status and they have no write privileges on the website. They have access to TEAM HOME as well as the League Directory and Free Agent Pool for their age division. They can obtain field directions in several different ways, including by clicking on the field name on their game schedule. They also have access to the league's special schedule for opening weekend. They also have access to Inside The League menu which provides the game results and standings for the entire league, including player stats and the league leader-board.

Passwords for returning players are renewed when the team manager initializes his roster from the prior year. Newly added players are issued a password when they are added to a roster.