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Recent Game Results


Greene Cty Outlaws 12J87So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBRreport


Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXX80Valley Wolfpack 9+Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL190Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL100Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J130Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 11J177TC Bombers 11JLreport


CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXX76So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBRreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J42Columbia Clippers 11Jreport


Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX121NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
Columbia Clippers 12J153Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport


ENY Blackhawks 10+J1816BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL20Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL103Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
BRWK Buckeyes 10+J158Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
BRWK Buckeyes 10+J138Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL208Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL135Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
NE Hurricanes 11J1311CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 12+XXX104NE Hurricanes 11Jreport
Schuylerville Colts 11+J121CFD Bulldogs 11+Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 11L106Columbia Clippers 11Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 12JL181Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Ballston Bearcats 12JL150Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXX165Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J1514Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Albany Nationals 11L98Fulmont Force (Black) 11+Jreport
Devil Cats 9J249Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL85Devil Cats (Blue) 12Jreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J173WFD Nationals 12Jreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JL152BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JL105BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 13 EB/JM/L100Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J1817Halfmoon Mariners 10XXXreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J64Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J111Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXX1210Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL179CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J52TC Bombers 11JLreport
Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXX43CNY Pioneers 11XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX120Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXX143CP Plainsmen (White) 13 EB/XXXreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN173TC Bombers 10+JLreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN157TC Bombers 10+JLreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J213TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J120TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L146CP Green 11XXXreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX322GLD Bulldogs 12Jreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J176TC Bombers 11JLreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L81CP Green 11XXXreport


Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L97WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL280Kings Pride 10+Jreport


Green Cty Outlaws 9JL147MV Vipers (Blue) 10Lreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX144BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL136Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL122Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J72CNY Naturals 11XXXreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX53Greene Cty Outlaws 11Jreport


NE Hurricanes 10+JL301Kings Pride 10+Jreport


NE Hurricanes 11J111CP Green 11XXXreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL93So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBRreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L
33Tie Gamereport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J74TC Bombers 11JLreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J43TC Bombers (Red) 12Lreport


BRWK Buckeyes 9+J149Kings Pride 10+Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN123Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport


Devil Cats 9J82Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9Jreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX74Green Cty Outlaws 9JLreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL177CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
Cohoes Mastodons 9J143Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
Cohoes Mastodons 9J169Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX221BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX125BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J54MV Vipers (Blue) 10Lreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J97MV Vipers (Blue) 10Lreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J84Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J157Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J75Ballston Bearcats 12JLreport
CNY Naturals 10+L100NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
CNY Naturals 10+L183NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 10J151BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
CNY Pioneers 12+XXX125Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 12+XXX121Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL134Utica Hurricanes 10Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL129Utica Hurricanes 10Jreport
Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/N129WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J152Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J184Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Schuylerville Colts 11+J133Columbia Clippers 11Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX32Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes 10+J63Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL162Utica Hurricanes 12+Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL144Utica Hurricanes 12+Jreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+116Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+105Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
TC Bombers (Blue) 12JL116Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JL100TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L76CNY Naturals 12XXXreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX86TC Bombers (Red) 12Lreport


Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J120WFD Nationals 12Jreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L73Greene Cty Outlaws 12Jreport


Devil Cats (Red) 10JN102Halfmoon Mariners 10XXXreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN181NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL113Greene Cty Outlaws 12Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL155Greene Cty Outlaws 12Jreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L170Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport


Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX65BRWK Buckeyes 10+Jreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL2120Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX133Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX180Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
Devil Cats 9J191Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL80Devil Cats (Red) 10JNreport
BRWK Buckeyes 9+J98Utica Hurricanes (Blue) 9+Jreport
BRWK Buckeyes 9+J1211Utica Hurricanes (Blue) 9+Jreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX65Valley Wolfpack 9+Jreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX95Valley Wolfpack 9+Jreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J75Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J91So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12Jreport
Schuylerville Colts 11+J92TC Bombers 11JLreport
Schuylerville Colts 11+J130TC Bombers 11JLreport
Utica Hurricanes 12+J110Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Utica Hurricanes 12+J183Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JL98Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JL82Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
Devil Cats 9J142Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J1710WFD Nationals 12Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL141TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
Albany Nationals 11L2110GLD Bulldogs 12Jreport
Albany Nationals 12L144BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Albany Nationals 12L177BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/L155Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 13 EB/JM/L145Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX32TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX54TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J122Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J95Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J159Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX104Fulmont Force (Black) 11+Jreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX74Fulmont Force (Black) 11+Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL143CNY Naturals 12XXXreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX64Devil Cats (Red) 12JNLreport
Cohoes Mastodons 9J171Kings Pride 10+Jreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J125Valley Wolfpack 11+Jreport
Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/N281CP Plainsmen (White) 13 EB/XXXreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L71Columbia Clippers 12Jreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L10Columbia Clippers 12Jreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXX174TC Bombers 10+JLreport


Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL100So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12Jreport


Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL60Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL151ENY Blackhawks 10+Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX82Devil Cats (Red) 10JNreport
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L63Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXXreport
TC Bombers 11JL104WFD Nationals 12Jreport


Devil Cats (Red) 10JN75BRWK Buckeyes 10+Jreport


CNY Pioneers 9XXX1110Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX65Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J142Utica Hurricanes (Blue) 9+Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL60BRWK Buckeyes 10+Jreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL82BRWK Buckeyes 10+Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 11L87BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 12JL92Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J100BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J84BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX62Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JLreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX61Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JLreport
Ballston Bearcats 11JL87Schuylerville Colts 11+Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL131CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
Lansingburgh Royals 12+JL152CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L111Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L40Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J65Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J132Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J1110ENY Blackhawks 11Jreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL303Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
NE Hurricanes 11J85So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12Jreport
Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/L1412TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
ENY Blackhawks 10+J2115Cohoes Mastodons 9Jreport
Devil Cats 9J358Kings Pride 10+Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 11JL131CFD Bulldogs 11+Jreport
Columbia Clippers 11J54Valley Wolfpack 11+Jreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J163Columbia Clippers 11Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J32CNY Naturals 12XXXreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX124Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL91CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXXreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL98CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXXreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+32Utica Hurricanesreport
Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/N193Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
GLD Bulldogs 12J1110CNY Pioneers 11XXXreport
GLD Bulldogs 12J1110CNY Pioneers 11XXXreport


Green Cty Outlaws 9JL155Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX53TC Bombers 10+JLreport
CFD Bulldogs 11+J00CP Plainsmen (White) 11XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J95Lansingburgh Royals 12+JLreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J53WFD Nationals 12Jreport


Devil Cats 22 XXX76NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L61Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L41Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Amsterdam Rams 14+S8111Utica Hurricanes 13 XXXreport
Ballston Bearcats 13+S8/JM/L00Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 13+S8/JM/L00Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N111Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/L82Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes 10+J129Halfmoon Mariners 10XXXreport


Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N54Utica Hurricanes 13 XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N133Utica Hurricanes 13 XXXreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL1413TC Bombers 10+JLreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L100MV Vipers 15 XXXreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL1611CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J97Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
Columbia Clippers 11J385Albany Nationals 11Lreport
WFD Nationals 12J1817CNY Pioneers 11XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 12+XXX70Albany Nationals 12Lreport
CNY Pioneers 12+XXX140Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J153Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXX175Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXX183Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport


NY Storm Showcase 16 XXX110Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE61Galway Eagles 17 S8report


So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBR128Devil Cats (Red) 12JNLreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L00Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JMreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE134Galway Eagles 17 S8report
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L107Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
NY Storm Showcase 22 XXX50Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR100Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N131Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
ENY Blackhawks 10+J157Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport


Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE54Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX102Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOEreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L118Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JMreport
Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/L130Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
SCHDY Rebels 13 S8/JM/L91Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport


Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JM52GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/Lreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J54Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JL65Lansingburgh Royals 12+JLreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN170NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL121Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Columbia Clippers 13+S8/L144Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L143Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N121PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L192Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J177CP Plainsmen (White) 11XXXreport
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L164Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
WFD Nationals 12J1413Fulmont Force (Black) 11+Jreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L105GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JMreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBR120Greene Cty Outlaws 12Jreport
Amsterdam Rams 15+S8120Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J53TC Bombers (Red) 12Lreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/L61RDAM Golden Knights 16+Lreport


ENY Titans 16+S872Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/Lreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L125ENY Titans 16+S8report
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX42Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/L64Schuylerville Colts 16 XXXreport
Utica Hurricanes 13 XXX123Fulmont Force 13 XXXreport
Utica Hurricanes 13 XXX113Fulmont Force 13 XXXreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX53WFD Nationals 22+XXXreport
SCHDY Rebels 13 S8/JM/L133Capital Renegades 13 XXXreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE110Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE73Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
Kings Pride 10+J1817BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Adirondack Warriors 14_S8/JM96Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX75GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX135GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L150Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L202Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
Cap Renegades 14 L10Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S854Galway Eagles 17 S8report
Devil Cats 15 NL00Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 19+L54NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/L96Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (White) 11XXX87Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
Catskill Diamond Dogs 13 S8/JM133BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR54BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L71WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/N53GLD Bulldogs 17 S8report
GLD Bulldogs 17 S831WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/Nreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J177Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 9+J53Green Cty Outlaws 9JLreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR32Cambridge Indians 16+XXXreport


Amsterdam Rams 15+S8100Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
Amsterdam Rams 15+S873Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
Capital Renegades 13 XXX136Columbia Clippers 13+S8/Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXX93CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXX184CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+J199BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 12JL31Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
Ballston Bearcats 12JL137Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
NE Hurricanes 16 S8/L122Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR53Cap City Kings 15 S8/Lreport
Scotia Renegades 15+L110Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JM42Scotia Renegades 15+Lreport
MV Vipers 18 XXX71Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/L64MV Vipers 18 XXXreport
TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L90Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/N113TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 16+S8124Ballston Bearcats 16+Lreport
Schuylerville Colts 11+J91CFD Bulldogs 11+Jreport
MV Vipers (B) 13 XXX98GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JMreport
MV Vipers (B) 13 XXX1110GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JMreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L98Columbia Clippers 12Jreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L53Columbia Clippers 12Jreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J82Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9J154Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Cap Renegades 14 L2211PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
Cap Renegades 14 L199PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J143Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J43Halfmoon Mariners 11Lreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX21NE Hurricanes 22 XXXreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX94NE Hurricanes 22 XXXreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL98Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL82Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L109Oneonta JR Outlaws 15+S8/Lreport
Oneonta JR Outlaws 15+S8/L100Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 Lreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J186GLD Bulldogs 12Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN63Utica Hurricanes 10Jreport
Utica Hurricanes 10J52Devil Cats (Red) 10JNreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J110Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J117Utica Hurricanes 11Jreport
Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JM81Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JM132Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+199Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+72Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
GLD Bulldogs 16 S8101MV Vipers 15 XXXreport
GLD Bulldogs 16 S81910MV Vipers 15 XXXreport
Devil Cats 15 NL112Cambridge Indians 16+XXXreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX193Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX102Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J61Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J257Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX43PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
PFLD Thunder 13 XXX85Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXXreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J144Hoosic Valley Rangers 12XXXreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J87Hoosic Valley Rangers 12XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 10JL108CP Plainsmen (Green) 10XXXreport
Cohoes Mastodons 9J96CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 9XXX76Cohoes Mastodons 9Jreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L147Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 11JL152BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 11JL141BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX122Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXXreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX114Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JLreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX133Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JLreport
PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXX10Titans 14 S8/Lreport
Titans 14 S8/L40PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J122CNY Pioneers 11XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX63Cohoes Mastodons 11+Jreport
CP Green 11XXX82NE Hurricanes 11Jreport
CP Green 11XXX113NE Hurricanes 11Jreport
Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOE153Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
Devil Cats 9J204Utica Hurricanes (Blue) 9+Jreport
Devil Cats 9J184Utica Hurricanes (Blue) 9+Jreport
Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXX1614WFD Nationals 12Jreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J152Utica Hurricanes 12+Jreport
So. Troy Dodgers (Gray) 12J50Utica Hurricanes 12+Jreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX64Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXXreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L75NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/Lreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L107NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L130Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L170Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
NY Storm Showcase 14 S8/JM100Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
NY Storm Showcase 14 S8/JM141Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX96TC Bombers 11JLreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX120TC Bombers 11JLreport
CNY Naturals 10+L00BRWK Buckeyes 10+Jreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N120Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N1610Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J136CP Plainsmen (White) 10XXXreport
MV Vipers 14 XXX61Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L124MV Vipers 14 XXXreport
MV Vipers (G) 13 XXX113Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/L134MV Vipers (G) 13 XXXreport
TC Bombers 10+JL122NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
TC Bombers 10+JL84NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S8186RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S873RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
PFLD Thunder 15 XXX42Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
PFLD Thunder 15 XXX31Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L205BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J76TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
Halfmoon Mariners 12J110TC Bombers (Blue) 12JLreport
Fulmont Force 15+L63Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+L60Fulmont Force 15+Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes (Black) 13+XXX86Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/Lreport


Ballston Bearcats 14+L72Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
CPH Gators 16XXX62DevilCats 17 S8/Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX132Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/L166NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/Lreport


Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE110Galway Eagles 17 S8report
NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/L50WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX73NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
GLD Bulldogs 16 S810Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L90Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S8148ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOE97NY Storm Showcase 16 XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX101NE Hurricanes 15 S8report
Albany Kings 16 S851Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/Lreport
ENY Titans 16+S881Cambridge Indians 16+XXXreport
Ballston Bearcats 14+L10Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXX86Titans 14 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX51TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
SCHDY Rebels 13 S8/JM/L51Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L87So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXXreport


GLD Bulldogs 15 L1312TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXX110Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX71SCHDY Rebels 13 S8/JM/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX21NY Storm Showcase 22 XXXreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L65TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Galway Eagles 17 S820NE Hurricanes 16 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/L72Ballston Bearcats 16+Lreport
Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JM114Columbia Clippers 13+S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE21Cap Renegades 17 XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 14+ XXX
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L
22Tie Gamereport
Ballston Bearcats 17 L32Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXX40Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report
Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/L1513Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX51Adirondack Rattlers 16+Lreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR62Fulmont Force 15+Lreport
DevilCats 17 S8/L74Cohoes Blackhawks 17 S8/Lreport


GLD Bulldogs 16 S8133RDAM Golden Knights 16+Lreport
NE Hurricanes 22 XXX65Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/L87Cap City Kings 15 S8/Lreport
Titans 14 S8/L100Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JMreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE10Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/Lreport
STGA Lightning (R) 13 S8/L150Fulmont Force 13 XXXreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX111Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+L1211Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 10+JL215Kings Pride 10+Jreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L42NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L85Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/Nreport
TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L94Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/L82Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXX21Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOEreport
Ballston Bearcats 14+L31WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L134Catskill Diamond Dogs 13 S8/JMreport
So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXX150NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S8120Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX86Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/Lreport


TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L87BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/L188Oneonta JR Outlaws 15+S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L81Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/Lreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL64CP Plainsmen (White) 10XXXreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX50TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S8122Albany Kings 16 S8report
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L139PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
NE Hurricanes 16 S8/L107ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX84Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
TC Bombers (Red) 12L85So. Troy Dodgers (Cardinal) 12J/PBRreport
STGA Lightning (B) 13 L65BRWK Buckeyes (Black) 13+XXXreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL50ENY Blackhawks 10+Jreport
Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JL130Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/L32STGA Lightning 14 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXX143Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
TC Bombers 11JL105WFD Nationals 12Jreport
WFD Nationals 22+XXX111Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL52CP Plainsmen (Green) 12XXXreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L117Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats 15 NL53Greene Cty Outlaws 14 XXXreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/L62DevilCats 17 S8/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L142RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport


Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N21GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/L42Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/Nreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX111WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L116SCHDY Rebels 13 S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN87Columbia Clippers 10JLreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J76Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J116Halfmoon Mariners 12Jreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L140TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L83TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/Lreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L112Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L195Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L103Utica Hurricanes 13 XXXreport
TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L96Utica Hurricanes 13 XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L20Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX107Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX90Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L86Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/Lreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L43Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/Lreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 14 XXX51Titans 14 S8/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 15 S883Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report
NE Hurricanes 15 S8142Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX134Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+L84Schuylerville Colts 16 XXXreport
TC Bombers (B) 18 S8/L1611Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/L199Vt. Venom 13 S8/JMreport
TC Bombers (B) 18 S8/L00Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOE130Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/L114Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE30Amsterdam Rams 15+S8report
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE63Amsterdam Rams 15+S8report
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM61Greene Cty Outlaws 14 XXXreport
ENY Blackhawks 10+J75Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR141Vt. Venom 16 S8report
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR111Vt. Venom 16 S8report
Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXX1911BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/N142TC Bombers 17 S8/L/JOEreport
Devil Cats 15 NL93BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXXreport
Cap Renegades 14 L87TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Green Cty Outlaws 9JL111BRWK Buckeyes 9+Jreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L121Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport


Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L52Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L1611Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JM144Catskill Diamond Dogs 13 S8/JMreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX227Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
CNY Pioneers 11XXX136Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXXreport
Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JL183CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JL86CNY Pioneers 12+XXXreport
Devil Cats 9J128CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
Devil Cats 9J246CNY Pioneers 9XXXreport
STGA Lightning (R) 13 S8/L133CP Plainsmen (Green) 13 EB/JM/Lreport
Green Cty Outlaws 10+JL76NE Hurricanes 10+JLreport
NE Hurricanes 10+JL109Green Cty Outlaws 10+JLreport
TC Bombers (Blue) 12JL1513CFD Bulldogs 11+Jreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L122Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S8report
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L71Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S8report
Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+J86Cohoes Mastodons 9Jreport
Cohoes Mastodons 9J54Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+Jreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L132Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L71Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Cap City Kings 15 S8/L21Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+Lreport
Cap City Kings 15 S8/L169Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+Lreport
Utica Hurricanes 10J106CP Plainsmen (Green) 10XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 10XXX1312Utica Hurricanes 10Jreport
Capital Renegades 13 XXX130MV Vipers (G) 13 XXXreport
Capital Renegades 13 XXX125MV Vipers (G) 13 XXXreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J107Green Cty Outlaws 9JLreport
Valley Wolfpack 9+J72Green Cty Outlaws 9JLreport
Scotia Renegades 15+L110PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
Scotia Renegades 15+L159PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
Halfmoon Mariners 11L83Catskill Mtn Cougars 11+JLreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 17 S8/L163Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX40PFLD Thunder 15 XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (White) 10XXX169Hudson Valley Vengeance 10Jreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX30NE Hurricanes 22 XXXreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX31NE Hurricanes 22 XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L86CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX97Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Hoosic Valley Rangers 12XXX242WFD Nationals 12Jreport
Ballston Bearcats 13+S8/JM/L76MV Vipers (B) 13 XXXreport
Ballston Bearcats 13+S8/JM/L102MV Vipers (B) 13 XXXreport
Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/N109Fulmont Force 13 XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L65NE Hurricanes 13 Lreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L166NE Hurricanes 13 Lreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN147Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Devil Cats (Red) 10JN122Catskill Mtn Cougars 10+JLreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/L97BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX122PFLD Thunder 15 XXXreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J107Albany Nationals 11Lreport
ENY Blackhawks 11J249Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Albany Kings 16 S876Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
Albany Kings 16 S8124Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
STGA Lightning 14 S8/L158Cap Renegades 14 Lreport
GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JM115BRWK Buckeyes (Black) 13+XXXreport
NY Storm Showcase 14 S8/JM41PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
NY Storm Showcase 14 S8/JM2110PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
GLD Bulldogs 16 S850Oneonta JR Outlaws 15+S8/Lreport
Oneonta JR Outlaws 15+S8/L61GLD Bulldogs 16 S8report
Greenwich Titans 16+S8292Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L122Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 12J75Lansingburgh Royals 12+JLreport
STGA Lightning (R) 13 S8/L91Columbia Clippers 13+S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L101NE Hurricanes 16 S8/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 16 S8/L54Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 Lreport
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM63GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Cohoes Mastodons 11+J177GLD Bulldogs 12Jreport
BRWK Buckeyes 10+J133Oneonta Hurricanes 10+XXXreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE101RDAM Golden Knights 16+Lreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE110RDAM Golden Knights 16+Lreport
Galway Eagles 17 S862ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/L94Cambridge Indians 16+XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J100Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 12J110Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J111Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Columbia Clippers (Red) 9JL123Utica Hurricanes (Red) 9Jreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L2317STGA Lightning (B) 13 Lreport
NE Hurricanes 11J54Catskill Diamond Dogs 12JLreport
MV Vipers 15 XXX41Fulmont Force 15+Lreport
Fulmont Force 15+L62MV Vipers 15 XXXreport
Greene Cty Outlaws 11J133Schuylerville Colts 11+Jreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL32TC Bombers (Red) 12Lreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL2212TC Bombers (Red) 12Lreport
TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/L21Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXXreport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+80MV Vipers U10 Bluereport
MV Vipers (Red) 10+155MV Vipers U10 Bluereport
Valley Wolfpack 11+J43CNY Naturals 11XXXreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX92Valley Wolfpack 11+Jreport
TC Bombers 10+JL74Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
TC Bombers 10+JL138Devil Cats (Blue) 10Jreport
Fulmont Force (Black) 11+J1312BRWK Buckeyes 11Jreport
BRWK Buckeyes 11J164Fulmont Force (Black) 11+Jreport
Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JM63PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
PFLD Thunder 13 XXX116Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
Ballston Bearcats 14+L122Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 11J98CP Green 11XXXreport
TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/L122RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J80TC Bombers 11JLreport


NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/L98Cap Renegades 14 Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX94WFD Nationals 22+XXXreport
Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/L1610ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/L105Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 14+ XXX87Titans 14 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats 15 NL92Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/Lreport


So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX94GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/L51Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L107NE Hurricanes 15 S8report
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L54NY Storm Showcase 14 S8/JMreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L111Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L32So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXXreport
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX131Cambridge Indians 16+XXXreport
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM50Columbia Clippers 14+ XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L64Columbia Clippers 16+S8report
Cohoes Blackhawks 17 S8/L144Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report
NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/L42Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 17 XXX100Adirondack Rattlers 16+Lreport
Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOE126TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/Lreport
NY Storm Showcase 16 XXX90Greenwich Titans 16+S8report
Titans 14 S8/L00So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXXreport
WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/N103Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXX84Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/Lreport


TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L73Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/Nreport
Columbia Clippers (Blue) 9+J144ENY Blackhawks 10+Jreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L114BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 13+S8/L159Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/L53Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/L156Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Albany Kings 16 S864So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXX161RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXX42Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
Devil Cats (Red) 12JNL64Mohawk Valley Thunder 12+JLreport
NY Storm Showcase 22 XXX98WFD Nationals 22+XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L86Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JMreport
TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/L155So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXXreport


Greene Cty Outlaws 14 XXX76TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L1110WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOE71NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JM73Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 14+L76Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Titans 14 S8/L111Columbia Clippers 14+ XXXreport
Capital Renegades 13 XXX74STGA Lightning (R) 13 S8/Lreport
DevilCats 17 S8/L74Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX162Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
Amsterdam Rams 15+S800So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXXreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L00So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXXreport
Columbia Clippers 16+S876CPH Gators 16XXXreport
NE Hurricanes 17 XXX
Galway Eagles 17 S8
44Tie Gamereport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L54Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBRreport
NE Hurricanes 22 XXX21Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXXreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S874Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/N101Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXX32GLD Bulldogs 17 S8report
Devil Cats 15 NL31Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE141Fulmont Force 17 Lreport


Columbia Clippers 13+S8/L146Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOE96Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX111PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
Amsterdam Rams 15+S842NE Hurricanes 16 S8/Lreport
Titans 14 S8/L117CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXXreport
STGA Lightning 14 S8/L108Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L41PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L154PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE163ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE147Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L51TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX
WFD Nationals 22+XXX
44Tie Gamereport
NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/L54Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE51Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/Lreport


WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE31Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE80Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L83Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/Lreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L65TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
TC Bombers 17 S8/L/JOE98MV Vipers 18 XXXreport
MV Vipers 18 XXX60TC Bombers 17 S8/L/JOEreport
Columbia Clippers 16+S810Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX53ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
DevilCats 17 S8/L142Galway Eagles 17 S8report
TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/L111Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/L42Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX54WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/Nreport
WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/N50Devil Cats 22 XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L153BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
Fulmont Force 13 XXX141Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JMreport
Adirondack Warriors 14_S8/JM105NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Vt. Venom 13 S8/JM00Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
Cambridge Indians 16+XXX65ENY Titans 16+S8report
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX122Cohoes Blackhawks 17 S8/Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L54WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S8103Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/Lreport
Cap Renegades 14 L191Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Vt. Venom 13 S8/JM00Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L142WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Cap Renegades 14 L182Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX100Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L130Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
TC Bombers (Red) 14 EB/S8/JM/L144Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L150Vt. Venom 16 S8report
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L221Vt. Venom 16 S8report
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L133Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX105GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/L43Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
Devil Cats (B) 16 S8/L155Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
CPH Gators 16XXX122Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/Lreport
CPH Gators 16XXX142Cohoes Blackhawks 16 S8/Lreport
BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXX98GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L100RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
Devil Cats 15 NL107NE Hurricanes 15 S8report


So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX103Amsterdam Rams 15+S8report
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX105Amsterdam Rams 15+S8report
GLD Bulldogs 16 S842Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/Lreport
Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/L98GLD Bulldogs 16 S8report
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L54Adirondack Warriors 14_S8/JMreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX1110CNY Naturals 10+Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners 10XXX95CNY Naturals 10+Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N145Ballston Bearcats 14+Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N87Ballston Bearcats 14+Lreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE60Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
Catskill Mtn Cougars 16+L/JOE173Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 13 EB/JM/L100Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX120Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
CNY Naturals 12XXX202Oneonta Hurricanes 12XXXreport
MV Vipers (B) 13 XXX116Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/Lreport
MV Vipers (B) 13 XXX76Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/Lreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX1412Cap City Kings 15 S8/Lreport
Amsterdam Rams 14+S832TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/Lreport
TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L117Amsterdam Rams 14+S8report
Halfmoon Mariners 11L109Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Halfmoon Mariners 11L206Albany Nationals 12Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L83Scotia Renegades 15+Lreport
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM62PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM51PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM51PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXXreport
Rome River Rats166MV Vipers (Red) 10+report
Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXX1715Albany Nationals 11Lreport
Fulmont Force (Gray) 11+XXX206Albany Nationals 11Lreport
STGA Lightning 14 S8/L84NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 16 S8/L100Ballston Bearcats 16+Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 16+L120NE Hurricanes 16 S8/Lreport
Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JM1110GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L62MV Vipers (G) 13 XXXreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L166MV Vipers (G) 13 XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes (Black) 13+XXX111Catskill Diamond Dogs 13 S8/JMreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L65NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX21Devil Cats 22 XXXreport
Devil Cats 22 XXX128Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXXreport
NE Hurricanes 22 XXX80Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
Cap City Kings 22+XXX
NE Hurricanes 22 XXX
22 Tie Gamereport
Columbia Clippers 13+S8/L142BRWK Buckeyes (Gray) 13 XXXreport
STGA Lightning (B) 13 L147CP Plainsmen (White) 13 EB/XXXreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S8133Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S81612Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX144PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX100PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L97Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L1716Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
Fulmont Force 15+L53TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
TC Bombers 15 S8/L122Fulmont Force 15+Lreport
PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXX1614Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L98PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXXreport
NE Hurricanes 13 L177GLD Bulldogs (Blue) 13 S8/JMreport
CNY Naturals 11XXX00CP Plainsmen (White) 11XXXreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/L222CP Plainsmen (White) 13 EB/XXXreport
GLD Bulldogs 15 L122Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L133Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L123Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+Lreport


TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/L74Greene Cty Outlaws 14 XXXreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L165Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
STGA Lightning (R) 13 S8/L91Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXXreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L185Cap City Kings 13+S8/JM/Lreport
Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOE76WFD Nationals 17 S8/L/Nreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX21So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L53Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JMreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/L42Cohoes Blackhawks 17 S8/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 14+ XXX145TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
TC Bombers (R) 18 S8/L63NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOE84Galway Eagles 17 S8report
Cap City Kings 15 S8/L85ENY Titans 16+S8report
NE Hurricanes 15 S800STGA Lightning 15 S8/Lreport
Schuylerville Colts 16 XXX109NE Hurricanes 17 XXXreport
Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOE73So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXXreport
So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXX100Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
WFD Nationals 16 FS/S8/L/JOE100Greenwich Titans 16+S8report
WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/L94Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 15 S832STGA Lightning 14 S8/Lreport
GLD Bulldogs (R) 13 S8/L65So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXXreport


TC Bombers 13 S8/JM/L94Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N70Berkshire Americans 14 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 16 XXX43DevilCats 17 S8/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/L83Ballston Bearcats 19+Lreport
Ballston Bearcats 16+L98ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 16+S8100Berkshire Americans 16 S8/Lreport
WFD Nationals 22+XXX111NY Storm Showcase 22 XXXreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 18 S8/L60Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXXreport
Amsterdam Rams 14+S8134Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JMreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L137NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Greenwich Titans 16+S883Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOEreport
NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/L70Cap City Kings 14+EB/S8/JM/Lreport
Hudson Valley Hitmen 13 S8/JM105Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L166Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Columbia Clippers 13+S8/L62Devil Cats (B) 13 EB/S8/JM/Nreport
GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/L101RDAM Golden Knights 15 Lreport
Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/L42NE Hurricanes 16 S8/Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX162Titans 14 S8/Lreport
Albany Kings 16 S853Cap Renegades (R) 16 S8/JOEreport
Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR121RDAM Golden Knights 16+Lreport


GLD Bulldogs 17 S830TC Bombers (B) 18 S8/Lreport
NE Hurricanes 17 XXX143Ballston Bearcats 17 Lreport
So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX110Allstars Academy Select 13 S8/JMreport
Albany Kings 16 S8228Galway Eagles 17 S8report
So. Troy Dodgers 17 XXX1710Devil Cats 18 S8/L/JOEreport
Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L74CPH Gators 16XXXreport
CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX42Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JMreport
WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/L65Ballston Bearcats 14+Lreport
Adirondack Rattlers 16+L63Greenfield Yellowjackets 16+Lreport
Amsterdam Rams 15+S832Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 Lreport
STGA Lightning 15 S8/L109TC Bombers 15 S8/Lreport
Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX71NE Hurricanes 22 XXXreport
Ballston Bearcats 16+L53Fulmont Force 17 Lreport
Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/L154NE Hurricanes 15 S8report
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L122Capital Renegades 13 XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L51Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/Lreport


Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L51Frozen Ropes Outlaws 17+S8/Lreport
Cohoes Blackhawks 13 S8/JM/L62BRWK Buckeyes (Black) 13+XXXreport
Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N43PFLD Thunder 13 XXXreport
NE Hurricanes 16 S8/L113ADK Hawks 16 S8/Lreport
Devil Cats (Blue) 12J141Greene Cty Outlaws 12Jreport
Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L133STGA Lightning (B) 13 Lreport
WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L125Voorheesville Blackbirds 13 S8/Lreport
Adirondack Warriors 14_S8/JM98NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L165Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/Lreport
Frozen Ropes Outlaws 16 S8/L/N/JOE1211DevilCats 17 S8/Lreport


Ballston Bearcats 19+L76NY Storm Showcase 18 S8/L/JOEreport
WFD Nationals 22+XXX87Cap City Kings 22+XXXreport
BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXX10Watervliet Cannoneers 16+S8report


NE Hurricanes 10+JL00CP Plainsmen (White) 10XXXreport


Greenfield Yellowjackets 22+XXX00NY Storm Showcase 22 XXXreport


Eastern New York Travel Baseball (ENYTB)
5227 Bridle Pathway Schenectady, NY 12303-5017