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League Leaders

I would like to view the top players

In this age group: and Power Level:

for the Year:

within this League Division

Top 10 in Batting Average for the Whole League

1Brady A SmithNE Hurricanes 10F10321012410731200090.3750.4290.5630.991
2Daniel J CarpenterNE Hurricanes 10F10276910064560360.3330.4710.370.841
3Dylan P MartindaleNE Hurricanes 10F1035131161012510000170.3140.40.5140.914
4Mason M MoskalNE Hurricanes 10F9321410200499102170.3130.4880.3750.863
5Zachary T CrossmanNE Hurricanes 10F827118200863100210.2960.4240.370.795
6Aiden M RossleyNE Hurricanes 10F102997100487000120.2410.4050.310.716
7Brady S GirardNE Hurricanes 10F1032107100985203130.2190.4190.250.669
8Dominic B Gotte-SeymourNE Hurricanes 10F103477100879000170.2060.3410.2350.577
9Justin L MullisNE Hurricanes 10F102895000484000110.1790.3610.1790.54
10Christopher J HuntNE Hurricanes 10F824640001315000100.1670.2590.1670.426
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