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re: Primary/Secondary Player Status, Incl Automatic Enforcement Procedures Added In 2017
posted by Administrator 02/01/2018 10:02:46

Summary Of ENYTB Roster Rules
re: Primary/Secondary Player Status,
Incl Automatic Enforcement Procedures Added In 2017

ENYTB.com performs automated enforcement of virtually all of the rules the league has adopted, including rostering, scheduling, player movement, reschedules and various other team and league administrative f... read more
posted by Administrator 01/30/2018 10:01:21


ENYTB’s Player Movement System: What Are The Moving Parts; and, How It Works

Prior to 2013, ENYTB, like most leagues, used a ... read more
Over-Aged Players: Restrictions On Number & Use
posted by Administrator 01/30/2018 09:01:33

Summary of ENYTB Roster Rules
re: Over-Aged Players: Restrictions On Number & Use,
Including 2018 Revisions

Several years ago, ENYTB began allowing teams to roster a limited number of "over-aged" players.

DEFINITION: Any player whose official baseball age is one year greater than his team's registered age level is r... read more
What Is A Rule 85 Violation?
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:18

What Is A Rule 85 Violation?

In general, ENYTB recognizes its members have the freedom to register their teams in whatever leagues they choose with one exception.

As stated in our Constitution and By-Laws (Article XVI, Section 16.2, RULE 85), any team formed by an ENYTB member with players taken from teams owned by other ENYTB me... read more
What Needs Doing Between Activation & The Closing Date For Registration
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:14

What Needs Doing Between Activation
& The Closing Date For Registration

Once you have renewed your membership for the current year i.e., you have re-activated your club, team(s) and home field(s) with the league, you have completed step 1 in the registration process.

To complete your registration, you have six ad... read more
Last Man Standing Tournament - Open Entry w Open Rosters - All Ages & Skill Levels
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 10:01:22

Last Man Standing Tournament
Open Entry/Open Rosters - All Age/Skill Levels - July 27-30

Looking For A Fun Way To Close Out Your 2018 Summer Baseball Season? ENYTB's Last Man Standing Tournament offers non-stop play in divisions classified according to both age & ability.

This is ENYTB's mot popular event of the year. Last y... read more
New Member Sign-Ups. Re-Activation of Existing Members & What's New In The League For 2018
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 07:01:59

Re-Activation, New Sign-Ups
& What's New In The League For 2018.

Hello everybody and welcome to the new baseball year and ENYTB's 23rd consecutive year of operation.
Procedures for membership renewals and new member sign-ups remain the the same as always. To review:

1 - Existing Members - To regain website access, club GMs (not team managers) need to contact Ed by phone (518-542-8498) during month of January to re-activate their club. This includes informing the league of the teams they plan to register with the league by age, power level and manager. Please have complete contact info available for any persons in your club who will be first time league participants in 2018.


2 - New Membership Inquiries - Persons seeking information re: new memberships may contact Ed by phone as provided above or by email at pres@runmyleague.com. Ed will endeavor to respond to all such inquiries within 72 hours.


Due other activities, Ed will be not be as generally available by phone as he has been in the past. Thus, whenever possible, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ACTIVATION, NEW MEMBER INQUIRIES & Tournament Inquiries, contact with the league should be by email, not telephone. All email contact with the league should go through your club GM and submitted via our Help Desk.

Also, please note that Ed has discontinued using his home number for business calls so please use his cell phone number as provided above if you feel the need to speak to him personally. Leave him a voicemail and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

3 - Membership Meetings

A - Annual Kick-Off Meeting .....1PM Sunday, FEB 11th. More details will be forthcoming. This meeting consists of a general (macro level) discussion/presentation of the league program, with focus on those things that will be new and/or different in 2018.

B - League Orientation Meeting - 1PM Sunday, FEB 25th. This meeting consists of a much more micro-oriented discussion of league participation.

Both meetings will be held at WFD-HM HS in the multi-purpose room located beyond the gym.

What is new in ENYTB for 2018?

1 - Significant further upgrades in ENYTB's proprietary custom scheduling methodology, including:

A - New interface added that enables teams to designate their "Preferred" Opponents for scheduling purposes.

B - Refined Methodology For Defining The Teams Within Your Team's "Competitive Range" & For Applying The SoS Effect

Each age level includes teams from 10 possible power levels.

LS..........1 (Low), 2(Med) and 3(High);
HS..........4 (Low), 5(Med) and 6(High);
GOLD........7 (Low), 8(Med) and 9(High);

Each team's competitive range encompasses as many as 7 of these power levels i.e., its own power level as well as those teams up to three levels higher and three levels lower.

EXAMPLE: A middle level HS team's competitive reach would stretch from 5 (its own power level) to 8 in the upward direction and 2 in the downward direction. Actual opponents within this range would depend on intersecting availabilities as well as a team's strength-of-schedule (SoS) choice.

C - SoS Choice

Teams get to select how strong a schedule they prefer within their competitive range. Once again, there are three possible choices: hard, easy and normal.

NORMAL SoS - A normal distribution (or bell curve) is used to select opponents from a team's full competitive range. Thus, a normal SoS would suggest the following targets:

i - About 66% of all opponents would come from the 0, +1 and -1 classifications;
ii - About 1/3 would come from +2 and -2; and,

iii- Very few, if any, opponents would be selected from the -3 and +3 classifications.

A team that asks for a strong SoS would have the following targets:

i - About 2/3 of its opponents would come from +1, +2 and +3;

ii - About 1/3 of opponents would come from 0 and -1; and,

iii - Very few if any games would be scheduled with opponents that ranked -2 or -3.

Thus, it can be seen that SoS choices have a very significant effect on how many opponents are selected from various points in a team's competitive range. The new methodology produces much different results than the methodology that it replaces and, we think, much better results.

For completeness, the team selecting a weak SoS would have the opposite result:

i - About 2/3 of its opponents would come form -3, -2 and -1;

ii - About 1/3 from 0 and +1; and,

iii - Few if any games with opponents from +2 or +3.

The effect of these methodological changes on opponent selection will be threefold.

i - A team's competitive range will be more precisely defined according to the power level of possible opponents;

ii - The effect of SoS choice will have a direct and significant effect on the distribution of actual opponents that a team is scheduled to play; and,

iii - Following the application of (i) and (ii), a team's "Preferred" opponents will be given top priority. Let's say you designate team xyz as a preferred opponent and that team meets both criteria (i and ii), and both teams have intersecting availability. In this case, Team xyz will be given top priority as a scheduled opponent.

3 - New Report re: Diagnostics Associated With A Team's Intersection Of Its Own Home Field Availability and Team Availability

As previously announced, beginning in 2018, teams at 13u and older will be required to have intersecting home field and team availability equal to at least 50% of their total game request. To aid teams in evaluating this relationship before scheduling begins, a new report will be designed to report various "intersection ratios".

EXAMPLE: If a team requests 20 games, it must provide scheduling inputs that result in at least 10 intersections between its team availability and its own home field availability. If not, the team will be required either to increase its team and/or home field field availability until it reaches 10 intersections or to reduce its total game request accordingly.

4 - Schedule Reliability & Rule Changes For Schedule Changes

Historically, ENYTB has given members great flexibility over schedule changes provided they follow our very simple rules for doing so. Despite the best efforts of the league to educate its members to these very simple rules, far too many members will claim ignorance as an excuse for not following our rules and request that they therefore not be fined. There is no excuse for not knowing the book rule that for a a request for a NWP or a NHNFC type of schedule change to be permissible, it must be entered to the website at least 48 hours before its scheduled start time. Many teams also resent the idea that a forfeit is defined as an inability to play a scheduled game as scheduled combined with the failure to submit to the website a timely request for a game change or to have that request approved by its opponent. Increasingly, teams want to define their request not as a request but as an order that their opponent must grant.

For all the above reasons, ENYTB has concluded that the members make it impossible to give them the flexibility that we have given them over their schedule changes. Thus, we need to simplify our procedures even if it means less flexibility for the teams. So once again, ENYTB will be changing its reschedule rules.

The NHNFC and the NWP options will be eliminated altogether.

They will be replaced by a simple member-to-member CANCEL declaration.

The rules for a CANCEL declaration will be simple. To qualify, the team must notify its opponent by phone and following that, it must enter the CANCEL to the website at least 48 hours beforehand. Once entered, the game is automatically canceled, no ifs, ands or buts.

Teams will be allowed three FREE CANCELS of this type per spring/summer season.

NOTE: This new CANCEL option is separate from ADMIN CANCELS. The latter are granted by the league in special predefined situations that commonly arise each season but aren't knowable before the scheduling process takes place.

After the 3rd member-to-member cancellation, teams will pay a fine of $75 per cancellation for any additional member-to-member cancellations.

Any team unable to play its game as scheduled and fails to record a CANCEL prior to 48 hours of the game's start time shall be charged with a FORFEIT. All such non-playing forfeits also shall be charged a fine of $75 per incident. In addition, for FORFEITS, the offending team is liable for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by their opponent due to lack of notice.

As always, ENYTB reserves the right to suspend any member with an egregious history of schedule reliability.

5 - Sanctioned Tournament Entry/Participation

As we all know, participation in sanctioned tournaments has long been trending down. It has reached the point where ENYTB is the only remaining league registered in our AABC Association in most age divisions. As a result there are no Association/State tournaments in these age divisions because we have no one to play. Thus, in these cases, our AABC Association has been sending our league representative directly to the AABC Regional or World Series tournament, usually at an additional cost. NABF is effectively offering World Series tournaments only, mostly at the even year age levels. Because of our long history of supporting NABF events, NABF gives us the opportunity to buy up to two berths to each of its WS. PONY is still operating tournaments at all age levels. There is no limit on the number of teams ENYTB can send to the PONY tournaments.

We have tried everything to incentivize teams to participate in these events and to little avail. Therefore, beginning 2018, ENYTB will offer sanctioned berths to its members on a DBI basis only. Teams will be reuired to pay the full price of the berth upfront and the berth will be theirs from day one. In those cases where the # of teams exceeds the available # of berths available to ENYTB, a winner will be selected from a hat and the non-winning teams will get a full refund of their sanctioning fee.

6 - Last, but most importantly, ENYTB has begun a project to significantly upgrade its digital presence. More and more people want to be able to access the website via mobile devices. We will be making the website mobile friendly. At the same time, we are going to restructure the website to make it more user friendly. Lastly, we will be upgrading the look and feel of the website pages as well. Our website will be 15 years old this year. Though it has been in constant evolution, it is still somewhat dated in appearance.

These changes will take about one year to implement. The expectation is that they will be implemented in time for the 2019 season. It is hoped that the revised website will serve the league for the next 25 years as well as the current design has for the last 15 years.

That's all for now. I look forward to hearing from all our club GMs during the month of JAN as you activate your clubs and teams. Remember, don't use your RFA credits to add RFA to your roster until FEB 1. At that time, players on teams that were not re-activated for 2018 will be made UFA and require no RFA credit. Add them before then and it will cost you a credit.
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 07:01:23


Bats make great X-Mas presents. Many are contacting me to see if ENYTB is adopting the new USABAT standard in 2018. Our new bat rules are contained in the league email from late summer 2017, copied below.

To: All ENYTB Teams:

While some baseball sanctioning bodies are adopting the USABat standard p... read more
Closing Dates & Prices For ENYTB Spring/Sumer Registration
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 05:01:10

Closing Dates & Prices
For ENYTB Spring/Summer Registration

Registration Summary - 2018

Ages 9/10.....MAR 15.....$425/per team.....incl June MAdness
Ages 11/12 ...MAR 15.....$475/per team.....incl June Madness
Ages 13/14 ...APR 15 ....$525/per t... read more
13/14 Teams Only - Want To Start Play Early? Join ENYTB's EarlyBird Program!
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 04:01:59

13/14 Teams Only - Want To Start Play Early?
Join ENYTB's EarlyBird Program!

  • All teams aged 13U and 14U are eligible.
  • No charge.
  • Play will begin as early as mid-APR if desired, and end the week before Memorial Day.
  • Play will be Sunday only.
  • Game type
... read more

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