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re: Primary/Secondary Player Status, Incl Automatic Enforcement Procedures Added In 2017
posted by Administrator 02/01/2018 10:02:46

Summary Of ENYTB Roster Rules
re: Primary/Secondary Player Status,
Incl Automatic Enforcement Procedures Added In 2017

ENYTB.com performs automated enforcement of virtually all of the rules the league has adopted, including rostering, scheduling, player movement, reschedules and various other team and league administrative f... read more
posted by Administrator 01/30/2018 10:01:21


ENYTB’s Player Movement System: What Are The Moving Parts; and, How It Works

Prior to 2013, ENYTB, like most leagues, used a ... read more
Over-Aged Players: Restrictions On Number & Use
posted by Administrator 01/30/2018 09:01:33

Summary of ENYTB Roster Rules
re: Over-Aged Players: Restrictions On Number & Use,
Including 2018 Revisions

Several years ago, ENYTB began allowing teams to roster a limited number of "over-aged" players.

DEFINITION: Any player whose official baseball age is one year greater than his team's registered age level is r... read more
What Is A Rule 85 Violation?
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:18

What Is A Rule 85 Violation?

In general, ENYTB recognizes its members have the freedom to register their teams in whatever leagues they choose with one exception.

As stated in our Constitution and By-Laws (Article XVI, Section 16.2, RULE 85), any team formed by an ENYTB member with players taken from teams owned by other ENYTB me... read more
What Needs Doing Between Activation & The Closing Date For Registration
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 11:01:14

What Needs Doing Between Activation
& The Closing Date For Registration

Once you have renewed your membership for the current year i.e., you have re-activated your club, team(s) and home field(s) with the league, you have completed step 1 in the registration process.

To complete your registration, you have six ad... read more
Last Man Standing Tournament - Open Entry w Open Rosters - All Ages & Skill Levels
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 10:01:22

Last Man Standing Tournament
Open Entry/Open Rosters - All Age/Skill Levels - July 27-30

Looking For A Fun Way To Close Out Your 2018 Summer Baseball Season? ENYTB's Last Man Standing Tournament offers non-stop play in divisions classified according to both age & ability.

This is ENYTB's mot popular event of the year. Last year more than 100 teams participated in 14 different age & competition levels. More than 20 ENYTB members volunteered to host these tournaments at their facilities, located throughout the Capital Region. Whenever possible, host teams play their games on their home fields while other games are assigned to fields that minimize the travel distance for the participants.

Hosting opportunities for 2018 are available.

Host responsibilities are limited to field maintenance, ordering umps and operating concessions. The latter is optional but desirable. Hosts keep 100% of concession revenue. Teams pay their own ump fees (one per game played) and ENYTB does the rest, including all tournament management & scheduling. ENYTB also provides all baseballs and awards. Members that host the championship games will be asked to conduct the awards ceremony.

Tournament Details:

...OPEN to ENYTB members and non-members alike.

...OPEN Rosters - Your tournament roster is not limited to your regular season roster.

...Format – Pool Play Followed By Cross-Pool Single Elimination (Round Robin For Divisions With 5 Teams Or Less)

3 Game Guarantee w 5 Game MAX

Never Play The Same Opponent Twice Unless No Other Choice Available

Local Teams Begin Play On Choice Of Thursday/Friday
Non-Local Teams Begin Play On Saturday (Get R1 BYE))

...BYE Rules For Tournaments w Combined Pool/SE Format:

1 - All Teams Get 1 BYE in first 3 rounds.
2 – Pool Winners Get 2nd Bye in 4th Rd
3 – No BYES after R4 unless # of Survivors is odd.
4 – No Team Gets A 3rd Bye Until All Remaining Teams Have Had 2nd Bye
5 – BYES after R4, if necessary, Determined By Random Draw

...Fee: $250/team Plus Pay One Ump Per Game Played

Tournaments Provides Everything Else Including Fields, Scheduling, Baseballs, Team Trophies and Player Medallions For Top 2 Finishing Teams.

Refund Policy

A - Full Refund For Withdrawals That Provide Notification Prior To JUL 15, 2018. Nothing thereafter.

B - Bad Weather

Every effort will be made to continue the tournament to its conclusion with teams that can continue on.

If the tournament has to be canceled for any reason:

i - No refunds will be given after three rounds of play have been completed.

ii - If the tournament is started but canceled prior to the completion of the 3rd round, 50% refunds will be given; and,

iii - If the tournament does not start, full refunds will be given to all teams.

Tournament Dates: JUL 27 – JUL 30

Registration closes JULY 15 or sooner if divisions fill up.

Reserve your spot now!

Two registration options:

A - Members Only - Choose Last Man Standing on your team registration form;

B - Members/Non-Members - Sign-up online.

C - For more info or assistance in online sign-up, contact Tournament Director, Ed Frye, at 518-542-8498 or pres@runmyleague.com

Online Registration Instructions:

1 - Go to our tournament board → TOURNAMENTS → Tournament Master Schedule → Sanctioned and ENYTB Tournament Master Schedule;

2 – Select a LMS tournament in your age division by clicking on it;

3 - Click on the big red Sign-Up button to register;

4 – Follow prompts to register your team;

5 – Send check for $250 payable to ENYTB c/o Ed Frye, 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303-5017
New Member Sign-Ups. Re-Activation of Existing Members & What's New In The League For 2018
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 07:01:59

Re-Activation, New Sign-Ups
& What's New In The League For 2018.

Hello everybody and welcome to the new baseball year and ENYTB's 23rd consecutive year of operation.
Procedures for membership renewals and new member sign-ups remain the the same as always. To review:

1 - ... read more
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 07:01:23


Bats make great X-Mas presents. Many are contacting me to see if ENYTB is adopting the new USABAT standard in 2018. Our new bat rules are contained in the league email from late summer 2017, copied below.

To: All ENYTB Teams:

While some baseball sanctioning bodies are adopting the USABat standard p... read more
Closing Dates & Prices For ENYTB Spring/Sumer Registration
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 05:01:10

Closing Dates & Prices
For ENYTB Spring/Summer Registration

Registration Summary - 2018

Ages 9/10.....MAR 15.....$425/per team.....incl June MAdness
Ages 11/12 ...MAR 15.....$475/per team.....incl June Madness
Ages 13/14 ...APR 15 ....$525/per t... read more
13/14 Teams Only - Want To Start Play Early? Join ENYTB's EarlyBird Program!
posted by Administrator 01/29/2018 04:01:59

13/14 Teams Only - Want To Start Play Early?
Join ENYTB's EarlyBird Program!

  • All teams aged 13U and 14U are eligible.
  • No charge.
  • Play will begin as early as mid-APR if desired, and end the week before Memorial Day.
  • Play will be Sunday only.
  • Game type
... read more

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