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ENYTB Partners w Local Sports Photographer
posted by Administrator 06/07/2018 05:06:31

ENYTB Partners w Local Sports Photographer
To Offer Customized "Action Photo" Service
w Individual, Group & Team Discounts

ENYTB is introducing a new service to its member teams/families – in-game action shots of players!

We have teamed up with Kim Farrand, a local Sports Photographer. Kim will attend your player’s en... read more
Unable To Play A Game As Scheduled? Here Are Your Options For Possibly Avoiding A Forfeit
posted by Administrator 05/20/2018 01:05:51

Unable To Play A Game As Scheduled?
Here Are Your Options For Possibly Avoiding A Forfeit.

Schedule reliability is extremely important. If you request X number of games you are expected to play all of them, as scheduled, unless bad weather prevents you from doing so.

However, ENYTB also recognizes that the realities of lif... read more
APR 1 Deadline
posted by Administrator 03/29/2018 09:03:13

APR 1 Deadline - Ages 13U & Older
For Acquiring "ACTIVE" Players
From Other ENYTB Teams Via RFA Credits

Teams need a date certain when players on their active roster are committed to them. The APR 1 deadline serves this purpose by locking down player movement by all players listed as ACTIVE on ENYTB rosters. (This deadline is MAR ... read more
Schedules Are Out At 9U-12U!
posted by Administrator 03/27/2018 04:03:34

Schedules Are Out At 9U-12U!

To: All ENYTB Teams 9U-12U:

1 - All schedules are now available online;

The new methodology for determining competitive range and applying SoS preferences worked very well. Despite significant challenges presented by a small percentage of teams with very limited or unusual team availability... read more
Spring/Summer Registration About To Close at 9U-10U-11U-12U!
posted by Administrator 03/08/2018 10:03:20

Spring/Summer Registration About To Close at 9U-10U-11U-12U!

Everybody who expects to be including in teh scheduling process this year needs to be paid and have their scheduling inputs entered to the website by midnight Wednesday, MAR 15.

If you have not activated your club/team for the upcoming season yet, what are you waiting ... read more
ENYTB League Orientation: A To Z Slide Show - Sunday, FEB 25, 1:00PM
posted by Administrator 02/22/2018 05:02:54

MEETING - ENYTB Orientation: Sunday, FEB 25, 1:00PM
A to Z Slide Show

Thanks to the 20 or so brave souls who attended our A to Z orientation meeting this past Sunday. The goal of ENYTB is to provide each member team with a high quality and highly customized experience. To meet that goal, ENYTB focuses on the five basic services e... read more
Slides From 2018 ENYTB Kick-Off Meeting
posted by Administrator 02/11/2018 07:02:44

Slides From 2018 ENYTB Kick-Off Meeting

The slides linked below were presented at a league meeting on Sunday, FEB 11, 2018.

To view slides now,Scroll down to view all 7 slides.
ENYTB Adds Most Preferred Opponents List
posted by Administrator 02/11/2018 07:02:25

Custom Scheduling
ENYTB Adds "Most Preferred" Opponents List

Beyond restricting your schedule to those opponents within your team's competitive range, the ENYTB scheduling tool (Self-Scheduler or SS) also offers teams the option to further modify their list of potential opponents (box entitled <... read more
Dead Teams, Team Enrollments & Team Registration Page (Order Form)
posted by Administrator 02/02/2018 08:02:20

Dead Teams, Team Enrollments &
Team Registration Page (Order Form)

1 - Dead Teams

All ENYTB registered teams from 2017 that were not activated by yesterday (FEB 1) are now officially designated as "dead" teams. That means all players on those rosters can be had... read more
ENYTB's HelpDesk
posted by Administrator 02/01/2018 11:02:40

ENYTB's HelpDesk

Out with the old (League Navigators) and in with the new (professionally staffed HelpDesk).

ENYTB is a travel baseball league involving teams, players and games. How difficult can that be to understand? Actually ENYTB is a set of pre-season and post-season programs, combined with a detailed and highly customized regular season program, all administered via a customized website that mirrors the league in virtually every respect. The informational requirements of the current system is light years beyond what we could have imagined at the outset, more than 20 years ago. But do not fear, we at ENYTB understand that everyone is here to play baseball, not be an expert on all things ENYTB. For that reason, we also understand one of the league's most important functions is to provide every member club with excellent customer service as to what the league is and how it operates. To that end, we made a considerable investment this year in implementing and staffing a Members' HelpDesk. We hope you are noticing the difference in service.

At this time we would like to quickly review the informational resources currently available from the league to all its members.

The ENYTB "HELP" Foodchain:

1 - Our website includes its own "Knowledge-base" i.e., written answers to every conceivable question about the league and the website. These FAQ are located on the Help > FAQ page and are also linked to the top of any webpage to which they are applicable (content-sensitive Help). There's also a hot link to the FAQ page in the footer to every webpage.

2 - Managers & Coaches - If you have tried (1) and were unable to answer your question, your next step is to contact your club GM for possible assistance.

NOTE: Clubs qualify for end-of-season rebates if they funnel all their contacts with the league through one person, their club GM.

3 – If you have tried (1) and (2), and are still in need of further assistance have your club GM contact us through our HelpDesk (green icon in upper right hand corner of every webpage). Or, if you have his permission, you may contact us through the HelpDesk as well. Just remember, if you contact us on your own, you will automatically disqualify your club from its eligibility for an end-of-season rebate. Whether it's you or your club GM, when you contact the league through our HelpDesk, there will be a qualified professional staff ready to answer any question posed.

In addition to the resources noted above, you can keep abreast of league news and developments throughout the pre-season, regular season and post-season by visiting our homepage and scanning our League Announcement Board as well as our League Calendar.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation in ENYTB.
Ed Frye
ENYTB President

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