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BBCOR CERTIFIED BATS are now available through our web site.
Series of youtube videos that includes some drills.
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Fun way to learn about the game.
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There are three horizontal colored menu bars immediately above and below the ENYTB banner at the top of every page. All of the menu commands are made from these three bars, working from the top menu bar (level 1) to the bottom menu bar (level 3).

The top red bar, immediately above the ENYTB banner is the main Menu bar (level 1). The lower two bars - the red bar immediately below the ENYTB banner and the dark blue bar immediately under that - are sub-menus i.e., they are conditional upon the choice(s) made on the menu bar(s) above them.

Reading left to right on the top red menu bar you will see eight menus if you are logged in (five if you are not): [Main], [League Info], [Inside The League], [Tournaments], [Opening Weekend] (optional), [Required Info], [Tools] and [Help]. If you are logged in as an Administrator, you will see a 9th menu, [Admin]. Each main menu (top red menu bar) is a drop down menu. To open the drop-down menu for any main menu, simply place your cursor on its name (on the top red menu bar).

To select a menu item from a main menu, simply click on its name. A good example would be "Rosters" on the [Required Info] menu.

Notice that your browser window has changed content. The newly loaded page content corresponds to the default selection - a combination of the middle red sub-menu bar default (highlighted as a dark blue tab) and, if there is more than one item corresponding to the middle red sub-menu bar default selection, its default will appear on the bottom blue sub-menu bar (the letters of the default choice on the bottom sub-menu will turn yellow). When either sub-menu bar is blank, it just means the higher level selection has no further options.

With both sub-menus always visible, users can see what related content is available and easily switch between items (by clicking other sub-menu items) to find any related content. To change content (navigate), the user may select any option from any of the three menu bars. Remember to work from top to bottom and remain cognizant of what is happening on all three menu bars each time you make a selection. The trick is to keep reading the colored bars. Also, you may need to scroll down a bit on some pages to see the content. A few minutes of experimentation and you should be navigating your way around the website with ease. A site map, showing the tree structure for the entire site is coming soon.

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