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Step 3: Pre-Scheduling Inputs

Team and Field Availability

Like activation, this step involves the collection of information from the member over the phone and entered to the website by the League Rep.

Detailed team and field availability information is essential to the development of customized team schedules. Each club rep must ensure that availability information for all his club's teams and home fields is submitted to his League Rep no later than April 1. Exceptions are granted for field data when necessary.

Depending on the number of teams, home fields and field schedules involved, this step can be time-consuming. Simple cases can take as little as 10 minutes. The most complex cases can take an hour or more.

The Club Rep may provide this information to his League rep or may designate a single person to provide availability information for each team and a single person to provide all field availability info, provided he notifies the League Rep ahead of time of the individuals and their responsibilities.

Team availability information is best transferred by a phone call to the League Rep. There are many characteristics asked for that most members fail to provide. Field info is more straightforward and is probably best handled by a spreadsheet or even email. When given orally, League Reps will jot down what you tell them and then enter it, either with you still on the phone or not.

Teams can view the team availability forms (calendar format) at Required Info > Team Availability and owners can view their field availability forms (calendar format) at Required Info > Home Fields > Field Availability.

NOTE: The website was constructed to provide infinite flexibility in linking individual teams to multiple field schedules and multiple home fields as well as multiple field schedules to individual fields.

The League must have all pre-scheduling inputs BEFORE April 1.

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