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Step 2: Team Registration

By no later than April 1, all clubs should have registered each of its teams for the upcoming season with the league and made full payment.

Each team, based on information collected during activation, has its own online ENYTB registration form. This form lists all possible ENYTB registration options, including all sanctioned NCTS events that the team is eligible for based on its age and competition level. (See FAQ Entering My Registration Choices.)

Registration choices are entered online by the member by simply checking the box for each option desired. It is up to each Club to decide what person in their organization should be responsible for making these selections. Registration options is the main topic of discussion at the League's age division meetings - therefore, the person responsible for making these decisions for any team, should attend the League's age division meeting for that team.

You club's League Rep or myself, the League Director, are prepared to help answer your registration questions as well. Before contacting us, however, you should familiarize yourself with your team's registration form and all underlying tournament information. Each tournament name is also linked to a pop-up providing additional information. Similar information is available in a single table format on the Sanctioned Tournament menu.

The website will use each team's registration choices to create an itemized team invoice that appears in both the owner's and team's home area. Large clubs that qualify for rebates will have the itemized rebates listed in their consolidated club bill. The initiation fee for new clubs will be listed on the owner bill as well. When payment is received it will be recorded on the invoice and can be printed and used as a receipt. Selections can be changed up to the time registration closes, if necessary. No refunds after April 1.

  • Make payment to ENYTB and mail to me, Ed Frye, 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303.

  • Remember, your team is not registered until payment is received by the League Office. No team will be eligible for league scheduling until payment is made. Upon receipt of payment, it will be recorded on each team's online registration invoice and the team will be marked as paid on the team activation board. This qualifies your team to be scheduled by the league.

    Late registrations are accepted but such teams are not eligible for sanctioning or sanctioned tournaments. They will, however, be eligible for all ENYTB sponsored tournaments. Late registrations will not be scheduled until all "must play" games in the League have been scheduled.

    Membership fees are shown on your team's registration page. They are also presented at League Info > Program Info > Fees.

    Eastern New York Travel Baseball (ENYTB)
    5227 Bridle Pathway Schenectady, NY 12303-5017