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Step 1: Team Activation

The first step for any club wishing to register teams in the League and obtain a customized summer baseball program through ENYTB is to get their club and teams "activated". For returning members, this is handled by the club owner/rep each year. See Main > Getting Started > Administrators > Activation. New members need to contact the League Office (Ed Frye, at 518-356-9089), to be activated.

Email addresses are very important because the password system is linked to each person's email address. When a team is activated, new or existing, a password is activated for each team manager. If the team or manager is new, he will be emailed his password. If the team manager is returning from the previous year as manager of the same team, his password remains the same from the prior year and it is renewed. Thus, the manager of any activated team (see the league's team activation board at Inside The League > Teams) can obtain his personal log-in by clicking "Log-in" on the Main menu and then clicking "forgot my password" on the log-in box.

Managers of new teams need to log-in to add their coaches names and contact info and link them to their team to activate their personal log-ins. If they are new, they too will be automatically emailed a personal password. All coaches can retrieve their personal log-ins following the same procedure described above for managers. When the manager or a coach adds a player to their online roster, they too will be automatically emailed their password. And, as always, if anyone forgets their password, they merely go to Main and click log-in > forgot my password, enter their email address, and it will be emailed to that address almost immediately. Finally, anyone with a password can log-in and change their password by going to Main > My Profile.

New members are required to submit an initiation fee ($100/nonrefundable) plus the base registration fee for one team ($300/refundable until April 1).

The names of all activated teams will immediately appear on ENYTB's Team Activation Board, located at League Info > Teams.

The main purpose of activation is to gain a good idea of the likely number of league teams in the upcoming season and their distribution by age and skill level. This also is the first step in collecting and updating league contact info for the upcoming season. And, of course, as just explained, it provides everyone with website access.

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