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Website Functions

For a comprehensive overview of Website Functions, also see:

Intro To Website Navigation and Functionality - "The Quickie Primer On Where Things Can Be Found, What They Do and How They Work" at League Info > FAQ.

Each type of user - club owner/reps, team managers/coaches and players - has a different level of access privilege.

Club Level e.g., Club Owners/Reps

Owners have full read/write access to all menu items, including exclusive access to the OWNER HOME area, where all information on each of its home fields is maintained, including field availability, directions and a Master Field Use schedule. The Master Field Use schedule shows all scheduled games for all league teams assigned to that field (even teams owned by a different owner) as well as any "unreserved" field time. Each Master Field Use schedule is updated automatically as league teams update their online schedules. When such teams postpone or cancel a game in advance, and enter the change on their online game schedule, the Master Field Use schedule makes the field time available again. Similarly, when a game is rescheduled or added as new, the field time is automatically reserved on the Master Field Use schedule. The Master Field Use schedule can be a very useful management tool for field owners with several teams using a single field. They can be used to confirm umpire assignments and grant teams' in-season requests for field time, provided each team using the field keeps its online game schedule up to date.

OWNER HOME includes other important functions as well.

Each club owner/rep also has master access to all information and website functionality for any of its teams. For example, when a user signs in as a manager or coach or player and clicks My Schedule, the system brings up the schedule for his team only. When a user signs in as a club owner/rep and clicks My Schedule, he has access to the schedule for each of his teams. Because of this master access capability, it is convenient for club owner/reps to always sign in under their club level codes, rather than any individual team codes they may have.

Every league member, existing or new, must activate his franchise with the League Director and identify its teams for the upcoming season (activation). Thereafter, it is each club rep's choice whether he or a specific staff person on each individual team will be responsible for providing the League with all other team registration information. (It is strongly recommended that the person with the responsibility for providing all registration information also maintain the team website throughout the season e.g., enter changes to game schedule and roster as well as scores, player stats and game reports.)

TEAM LEVEL e.g., Team Managers/Coaches

Team managers/coaches have full read/write privileges for their own teams but they are not allowed into the OWNER HOME area and they are not allowed to release players. (Only the franchise owner has the authority to release a player, consistent with our league Constitution and By-Laws.)

Team managers/coaches enter all required registration information through the "Required Info" menu and all information pertaining to regular season activity is entered/viewed through the "Main" menu by clicking (TEAM HOME.

The REQUIRED INFO menu allows each team to add/revise the contact info for its manager, coaches and business manager or other contact person (REQUIRED INFO > TEAM INFO > COACHES). Each team should designate a primary contact person. Usually it will be the manager or a coach. That person should be linked twice, once in his coaching role and once as the team's primary contact. It is the primary contact that will be contacted first by the league or other teams for any business such as schedule confirmations and/or changes.

Team registration is paperless. REQUIRED INFO > REGISTRATION > OPTIONS/FEES provides each team with a customized list of registration options. Each club rep must make sure that each of his teams has made its registration selections prior to April 1. The best way to do this is to have the person responsible for making these choices attend the age division meeting for that team, where all registration options will be thoroughly explained. Once a team's registration choices are recorded, a team invoice, with payment record, is automatically created (REQUIRED INFO > REGISTRATION > INVOICE). When payment is received by the league it shall be recorded on the team invoice and fully paid teams shall be marked as such, automatically, on the team activation board.

Following registration, each club must provide its League Rep with a team availability schedule for each of its teams i.e., its "no play" dates/times (no later than April 1). The League Rep will enter these data to a website calendar to represent each team's availability for scheduling purposes. Until the league schedule is officially released, teams will be able to view this calendar but not edit it. Once the league schedule is officially released, this edit capability is enabled, and teams will be able to edit their availability calendar themselves. (See League Info > Program Info > League Intro (Scheduling) for a discussion of the rescheduling "grace period" and rescheduling rules/restrictions.) Teams also have the capability to update their online game schedules for postponements/reschedules etc. (Schedule, found in Team Home). Online team availability, field availability and game schedules are used as input to other website tools, such as the Master Field Use schedule noted above, and the PICK-UP Game tools. The results for both depend on accurate availability (team and field) as well as accurate game schedules for all teams. Thus, these schedules should be kept current throughout the season.

Even STANDINGS (found in TEAM HOME) could be computed incorrectly if teams don't update their online schedules. This could happen if two teams were scheduled to play more than the minimum required number of times and the games were played in a different chronological order than they were originally scheduled. All games will count as must-play games, in chronological order, until the must-play requirement is satisfied. All remaining games will counted as extra games, or exhibition. Thus, if games are postponed and played out of order, it is essential that they be postponed and rescheduled on the website. It is the responsibility of each team to record all its postponement/reschedules to avoid this error.

During the regular season, it is each team's responsibility to enter its game scores and player stats (optional) game-by-game. Each game on its schedule includes a link for entering scores and player stats as well as for edits. Teams can even add their practices or games with non-league teams to their online schedule if they wish (select add new game and write in "Practice" or the name of non-league team). Schedule updates, scores and player stats are all entered in MAIN > TEAM HOME > SCHEDULE.

Registration is not complete until a team has entered its roster online. Teams w/o at least nine players on their online roster by May 15 shall be discontinued from the League. AABC registered teams must print the official AABC roster form (completely filled in) from the website, and submitted it to the League Office with all required signatures (player, parent and manager). The League must receive each team's signed AABC roster no later than May 15 and before its first played game. A copy of each player's berth certificate and a copy of team insurance must be submitted with the AABC roster, or, if the team is not AABC registered, w/o the roster. Returning teams can have their prior year's rosters and coaching staff carried forward when their teams are activated. When initializing a roster from the prior year, the team may elect to release individual players that will not be back in the current year. Teams can also add new players to its roster(s) after the current year's roster has been initialized. Teams also may add players to the league's Free Agent pool and they may claim players from the pool. Claimed players are automatically added to the team's online roster. Teams should not claim a player until the player has made a commitment to join the team. Team rosters can be printed on the official roster forms of each sanctioning body. Stats can not be entered for any player not listed on the team's roster.

GAME REPORTS, TEAM MESSENGER and the DIVISION MESSAGE BOARD are all located in TEAM HOME, along with SCHEDULE, PLAYER STATS and STANDINGS. A further word about STANDINGS. Each divisional winner receives a berth in a sanctioned national championship tournament series (NCTS). The number of berths available to each division is posted at the top of each standings. Teams can be in as many as six divisions (including wildcards) competing for berths in a as many as three NCTS. Each team's full set of divisional standings is presented on a single page and each individual standings has a link to all necessary information on the applicable NCTS.

********************** The remainder of this section will discuss the remaining password restricted capabilities available to members and other full access website users.

All of the content in both the FRONT PAGE and the LEAGUE INTRO sections is accessible for public viewing. However, there are three functions on the FRONT PAGE that are password protected.

The other main area of the website is INSIDE THE LEAGUE and it is password restricted in its entirety. Its tab reads LOGIN until the user is signed in. INSIDE THE LEAGUE provides full access users with an unparalleled suite of interactive tools to facilitate every aspect of league participation and/or enhance each team's total baseball experience.

INSIDE THE LEAGUE is personalized to each owner, team and player via the user's login codes (separate user ID and password required for each). Each owner and team is provided its own home area on the website. All information unique to that owner or team's participation in the league is entered and/or displayed in its home area. This includes everything from online registration and scheduling, to rosters, game scores, standings and player stats.

Login to the website requires a pair of codes, a user ID and a password. The user ID uniquely identifies each user as an owner, team manager or player/other. Each of these user groups has a different level of access privilege. Owners have the highest level read/write privileges, including exclusive access to the Owner Home area, where all field information is maintained. Owners also enjoy master access to any of its teams' website pages (explained below). Team managers have extensive read/write privileges as well but not quite as extensive as owners. Players/other have read only privileges.

The system also uses the user ID to determine the franchise or team the user is associated with. For example, when a user signed in with a team or player code clicks My Schedule, the system brings up the schedule for his team. Owners have master access to all their teams. When a user signs in with an owner code and clicks My Schedule, he will be asked to select a particular team from the group of teams he owns, before its schedule is shown. Because of this master access capability, it is convenient for owners to always sign in under their owner codes, rather than their individual team codes.

A complete list of the many interactive capabilities available within INSIDE THE LEAGUE to member owner/teams as well as non-members with full access privileges follows:

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