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Upcoming Games

Saturday 06/23/2018
Duanesburgh HS
12:30PM Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXX @ Duanesburg Cyclones 13+S8/JM/L
Scotia Babe Ruth
12:30PM DOUBLE HEADER - Mid-Hudson Rebels 14 XXX @ Scotia Renegades 15+L
Taconic Hills JV Field
12:30PM WFD Nationals 14+S8/JM/L @ Taconic Diamond Dogs 15+XXX
Brunswick Sports Complex F1
3:00PM Amsterdam Rams 14+S8 @ BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L
Cohoes Int. Field
3:00PM So. Troy Dodgers 13 XXX @ Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L
Moreau Rec Pk - 90'
3:00PM SPLIT DH - Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX @ NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/L
5:30PM SPLIT DH - Ballston Bearcats 14+L @ NE Hurricanes (R) 14 S8/JM/L
Clifton Common (Steel)
8:00PM Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/L @ Cap Renegades 14 L
Sunday 06/24/2018
Cohoes Int. Field
10:00AM DOUBLE HEADER - Oneonta Hurricanes 14 S8 @ Frozen Ropes Outlaws 14 S8/L
Halfmoon F1 (90')
10:00AM DOUBLE HEADER - GLD Bulldogs 14 S8/JM/L @ Halfmoon Mariners (Red) 14 EB/XXX
Waterford Kelts Field
10:00AM Halfmoon Mariners (Blue) 14 EB/XXX @ WFD Nationals 13 EB/S8/JM/L
Lake George Elementary School
11:00AM Ballston Bearcats 14+L @ Adirondack Warriors 14_S8/JM
Deming Park
12:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L @ PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXX
Cobleskill-Richmondville HS Varsity
12:30PM RDAM Golden Knights 15 L @ Valley Wolfpack 14+EB/JM
Alcombright Sports Complex
3:00PM PFLD Thunder (B) 14 XXX @ Berkshire Americans 14 S8/L
Clifton Common (Steel)
3:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - PFLD Thunder (R) 14 XXX @ CP Plainsmen (Green) 14 XXX
Devilcats Stadium
3:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - Titans 14 S8/L @ Devil Cats (R) 14 EB/S8/JM/L
Dutchmen Field
3:00PM BRWK Buckeyes 14 S8/JM/L @ GLD Bulldogs 15 L
Lansingburgh HS Field 90' (Turf)
3:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - PFLD Thunder 13 XXX @ TC Bombers (Blue) 14 S8/JM/L
So. Glens Falls HS
3:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - Devil Cats (R) 13 S8/JM/N @ NE Hurricanes (B) 14+S8/JM/L
Geyser Park
5:30PM SPLIT DH - Greenwich Titans 14+EB/S8/JM/L @ Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+L
8:00PM SPLIT DH - Lansingburgh Royals 14+S8/JM/L @ Greenfield Yellowjackets 15+L
Monday 06/25/2018
Central Park A Diamond
6:00PM Capital Renegades 13 XXX @ Devil Cats (B) 14 S8/JM/L
Ichabod High School
6:00PM Allstars Academy Elite 14 S8/JM @ Columbia Clippers 14+ XXX


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